W trakcie rozmowy z artystką Khrystyną Kvyk, zgromadzona podczas spotkania publiczność miała okazję poznać genezę jej zainteresowania tą właśnie dziedziną sztuki, źródła inspiracji oraz ulubione dzieła

Icons of yesterday and today - an inspiring meeting at SACROEXPO

28 september 2021
Ukrainian icon creator Khrystyna Kvyk and Professor Krystyna Stawecka PhD Hab. - head of the Icon Museum in Supraśl participated in the conference organised by the Pastoral Centre WESOŁA54

The guests of honour invited to the conference were Professor    Krystyna Stawecka - manager of the Museum of Icons in Supraśl, and Khrystyna Kvyk, the artist who joined the meeting in the online mode. Stanisław Sitnicki was the moderator of the conference; he is a technical coordinator of the School of Icon Writing in Kielce.

The meeting was started by Professor   Krystyna Stawecka with a short lecture on the history of the icon. - (...) I appreciate this art for owing to its appeal. I find it a unique for which originates from the bottom of my heart (...) I was wondering how to present icons to you today so that you see them through the prism of historical icons. (...) In my opinion, an icon is both historical and dogmatic entity.  Dogmatic as an image of God's Word incarnation, and historical as it is rooted in history. Icons change, evolve all the time,  getting richer, with artistic expression also changing all the time. All artistic styles influenced the icon (...) so it is an image of the reality in which it is created. An icon is created in the artistic language of this reality. An icon never exactly reflects what has been defined as the canon of the icon. (...) The icon has chosen me - added the professor. 

During the talk with the artist Khrystyna Kvyk, the audience had the opportunity to learn about her interest in this particular form of art, sources of inspiration and favourite works and admire most of them during the exhibition accompanying the conference. - My path to icons writing was very long. I have tried to engage in this creation form many times, and quit again. I grew up in a traditional Christian family and from time to time I was persuaded to take up this form of creativity. My parents suggested I should start icon creation, but I wasn't interested at that time. I found icons an outdated art. A few times I even tried, but I failed - said the artist -  it continued until I was admitted to the Lviv Academy of Fine Arts, to the department of sacred art (...) After that, I started to be more interested in writing icons, in liking them even more.  And I fell in love for this kind of art. At the same time, icons writing began to shape my attitude towards Christianity and religion in general (...) - added Khrystyna Kvyk. - I have several authorities whose creativity inspires me,  including  Jerzy Nowosielski. I think many contemporary icon writers are inspired by him,  owing to his unique personality. There is also Krystyna Maksymowycz, who developed the neo-Byzantine tradition on the basis of the Lviv Academy of Arts,  she created a great style, a great manner. I admire her work (...) - added the artist. 

The works of the young artist on display Sacroexpo fair (September 27 - 29, 2021).

Artist and icon painter,  born in 1994 in Drohobych, Lviv region, Ukraine. In 2014, she completed pedagogical studies in Sambir (Lviv region), and in 2017 -  Ukrainian Academy of Printing (Lviv),  in 2020, she graduated from the National Academy of Art in Lviv, department of sacred art. Mainly works in the acrylic and egg tempera techniques. In 2018, she won the first prize in the 1st International Iconographic Competition "New Epiphany of Beauty", and in 2019 - the second prize in the 2nd International Iconographic Competition "New Epiphany of Beauty" in Supraśl.

Exhibitions and projects:

2019 - First Ukrainian Levkass Biennial, Kiev, Ukraine
2019 - International Symposium of Contemporary Icon Painting at the Orthodox Academy in Crete, Greece
2019 - International cultural and artistic exchange "Eye of the world.  Discovering Chongquing ”at the Sichuan Institute of Fine Arts, Chongquing, China
2018 - International competition for the icon writing of the Orthodox Congregation (IAO) "Resurrection of Jesus Christ", Greece
2017-2020 - IX, X, XI, XII International open-air icon writing, Nowica, Poland
2016-2018 - VI, VII, VIII International Icon Writing Workshop, Zamlynnia, Ukraine

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