19 february 2010
The Blizzard skis awarded at the ISPO fair in Munich will be exhibited at KIELCE SPORT – ZIMA


This is the third time in history that the Blizzard company has received this award for the best product of the year. The EUROPEAN SKI AWARD 2010 competition jury unanimously selected the skis R-Power Full Suspension IQ as the most innovative product in the category "Hardware Ski" at the prestigious fair ISPO, which was held on 7-10 February. In addition to the latest Blizzard skis being awarded, another award in this category was given for new ski boots, TECNICA Phoenix Air Shell. Being honoured with two awards in the same competition, the Tecnica Group was recognized for its consistence in introducing innovative solutions.

Blizzard IQ-POWER is a new challenge in the field of designing skis. This model is aimed at meeting requirements of exceptional skiers. The design of this skis includes technical solutions that have previously been applied in the motor sports industry. The IQ-Power technology is a milestone in the development of skiing equipment. The application of this state-of-the-art technology based on the independent operation of hydraulic shock absorbers integrated with the carbon plate "Power Booster” and, obviously, the IQ system offers a unique mix of ski control and acceleration irrespective of whether the skier is making a sharp turn or moving straight on.

This technology provides the skier with an "exoskeleton”, with a bonus of additional 30% of the user's "skills and fitness" being offered – it is, of course, a general description of the operation of the whole system! The force of the skier’s impact works on the oil pressure shock absorbers. They reinforce it and generate "additional power, energy and motor activity" for the skier, directing it towards the carbon brace reinforcement, which becomes a lever arm applying pressure on the skis. The final result is the effect of "superhuman potential and power” which can be used to control even the fastest skis!