Dog Show promises to be really great

18 november 2022
Targi Kielce's Expo Hall will again be a full house hosting dog beauties. The Kielce exhibition and congress centre welcome the dogs which compete in three CACIB Certificates of Aptitude to the International Beauty Contest international competitions. The ZOO SALON Pets Supplies and Accessories Exhibition complements the Dog Show

According to the organisers, the most numerous breeds are dachshunds and poodles. Is it already the renaissance of these once fashionable, now forgotten breeds? The Exhibition is worth visiting and seeing for yourself.

 Visitors who left their own dogs at home can make the best use of a wide range of products prepared by the exhibitors of the Zoo Salon - Pets Supplies and Accessories Exhibition which accompanies the dog show. Consumers' awareness of the \meals composition has been growing, and owners are increasingly on look out for what their pet eats. It is worth becoming acquainted with a wide range of food stuffs presented by distributors and producers. The conscious owner can also buy dietary supplements and special oils prepared for four-legged friends. Beautiful and comfortable beds, personalized leashes and tools necessary in the groomer's work are also available at the show.

Dog shows!

In addition to dog beauties and a full range of accessories for animals, other attractions also await at Targi Kielce. Talented pugs of the "Happy Bread" formation will be performing live. In addition, a show of police dogs and a dog obedience show will surely delight the audience. There is also competitions and games galore for the youngest animal lovers. The "Sabbath Lysa Gora Show" contest is the annual tradition - this is when dogs and their owners make public presentations in disguise.

Targi Kielce for charity

The International Pedigree Dog Exhibition agenda has included the many-year tradition - the Targów Kielce's original "Lend a helping ... paw" campaign. This year, Exhibition and visitors help the AUREA Golden Aid Foundation from Warsaw. The main goal of the foundation is to provide comprehensive assistance to homeless, abandoned, hurt, unwanted, sick animals, in particular Golden Retriever dogs. The Exhibition is the chance for the foundation representatives to have their say and talk about important issues and among them 'pseudo-breeding' farms. Raising awareness of future owners of of this breed is one of the overriding objectives. The exhibition participants, as well as those who join the Pets Supplies and Accessories Exhibition ZOO Expo   may visit the foundation at its little bazaar.

The events agenda: 

Only healthy dogs are allowed in the Exhibition grounds - a set of current vaccinations required. Dogs ought to be registered for a given exhibition

Tickets prices:

regular: 20 PLN

reduced ticket prices - visitors up to 14 years of age: PLN 15

children up to 4 years of age: free admission

Opening hours:

19.11.2022: 10.00–18.00

20.11.2022: 10.00–18.00


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