CLOOS-POLSKA also joins the Welding Expo

24 may 2021
The October's International Fair of Welding Technology and Equipment welcomes visitors who are offered the chance to meet one of the industry leaders, CLOOS-POLSKA and become familiar with the firm's portfolio

The Cloos-Polska , based in Świdnica in Lower Silesia, has been an active market player since 1992. Ever since then, it has consistently raised welding standards in Poland, constantly improved the quality of products and services on offer. The portfolio bases primarily on Carl Cloos Schweisstechnik GmbH components.

The most important aspect of the company's business activity are robotic and automated welding stations - join and see the portfolio at the  WELDING Fair. Today Cloos-Polska can boast over 200 robots implementations in Poland! Cutting edge Qirox welding robots' features offer them a huge advantage over the competition: fast and dynamic, and at the same time maintain a high degree of accuracy and repeatability. All important features for welding long product series.

Cloos-Polska also offers high-class, reliable MIG / MAG welding equipment complemented with  TIG. Welding power sources with diverse parameters, a team of technical advisors and the best welding machines adapted to industrial needs, various metal coupling processes - all you need to ensure the best work efficiency.  

spawarki-cloos-QINEO.jpg [1.57 MB]

Technical and engineering support at every cooperation stage, as well as top-quality expertise in welding technologies and knowledge of production processes, are the added values which put Cloos-Polska ahead of competitors.  Advice is offered already at the purchase planning stage, followed by assistance in devices operation and optimisation and, finally, service support make the company's customers feel confident that they have made the right choice. 

The Cloos-Polska offer is complemented with, inter alia, orbital and plasma, welding equipment and a full equipment range for filtering and ventilation stations. Cloos-Polska also distributes professional welding tables and helmets, industrial springs and robots and co-bot tooling and automation for linear processes. 

The Cloos-Polska technical potential includes its R&D and training centre, an electromechanical warehouse, an electronic service workshop, and an assembly hall. These assets make it possible to increase the quality of technical training and welding tests. This and much more offered for potential customers. 

We invite you to visit the Cloos-Polska expo stand during the International Fair of Welding Technology and Equipment WELDING - 19 to 21 October 2021.


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