Pracownicy Targów Kielce z serdecznością łamali się opłatkiem.

Christmas Meeting at Targi Kielce abounds with festive accents and gifts [PHOTOS]

16 december 2022
On Friday, 16 December , the Targi Kielce employees shared a wafer and exchanged Christmas wishes; the air was filled with benevolence. Bożena Staniak, Vice-President of the Management Board, prepared unique Christmas gifts and greetings for everyone. Bogdan Wenta, Mayor of the City of Kielce expressed his best wishes. May Targi Kielce achieve its goals and sustain its position "among the champions". The city of Kielce is the owner of the company.

The Christmas celebration in Targi Kielce brought together employees who celebrated over a meal. That was the time in a festive atmosphere and the occasion to reminisce about the passing year. Bożena Staniak, Vice-President of Targi Kielce Board, noted that 2022 was marked with plethora of unknowns due to the post-pandemic period and the war in the East.


- Our fears turned out unfounded, we managed to organise the cyclical expo as had been planned and delivered very good results. Two events, the International Defence Industry Exhibition and the Enex - the renewable energy show turned out to be record-breaking events. We also organised four new events, the Roof - Forum, the Boxing Expo, Slavic B2Beauty contracting expo for the cosmetics industry and the Polsecure the Police and law enforcement show - recapitulated Bożena Staniak, Vice-President of the Management Board at Targi Kielce. - In December, we organised a very large event commissioned by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, i.e. the summit of the Ministerial Council of the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe. The opinions in the ministry regarding our work have been very positive. We want to continue this new type of activity, i.e. the contracted events outside our centre, said the Vice President.


CFO Staniak wished a healthy and joyful Christmas to all those brought together at the event. – Thank you for the whole year of work, commitment, flexibility, and efficiency in doing business.   We have prepared gifts for you both for Christmas time and those which adorn the Christmas tree;  decorations and sweets made by the people with disability from the Pietraszka Vocational Activity Centre. I hope you enjoy it, said Mrs Staniak.


Bogdan Wenta, Mayor of the City of Kielce, pointed out that Targi Kielce is a team of effective people. - You are champions at what you do. The Mayor presented the prospects for organising events outside the expo centre. Bearing in mind the success of the OSCE summit, the Mayor wish that there would be more of such events. Tteam of Targi Kielce is a power-pack. I wish you all a healthy, happy Christmas full of family atmosphere -  said the Mayor of Kielce.


The Deputy Mayor of Kielce, Bożena Szczypiór, and Sławomir Stachura, Director of the Chancellery of the Mayor of Kielce, also came with Christmas greetings. Włodzimierz Stępień, Chairman of the Supervisory Board of Targi Kielce, also sent wishes on behalf of Vice-Chairman Maria Fidzińska-Dziurzyńska and the secretary Tomasz Kokowski.


Director of the Public Relations Department, Agnieszka Wicha-Dauksza, recalled the events which have taken place over the last few weeks; these introduced a Christmas atmosphere in the company. The list includes the lighting of the Christmas tree on the Kielce Market Square (Targi Kielce is the patron of the Christmas tree) and participation in the Noble Gift campaign with the gifts for a man in need. One of the company's internal projects that resulted in joy and positive energy was the campaign to encourage people to adorn their rooms with Christmas decorations. The authors of the most exciting arrangements received diplomas, which made them very happy.      

A film has also been prepared; the clip not only marks the Christmas time, but also recalls Christmas meetings at Targi Kielce in previous years.  Time to watch the clip!   

The Auxiliary Bishop of the Kielce Diocese, Marian Florczyk, and Father Tadeusz Szeląg, parish priest of the parish in Dyminy, took care of the spiritual aspects of the Christmas meeting. The audience listened to a passage from the Holy Bible about the birth of Jesus. Sharing the wafer was marked with a friendly, pleasant atmosphere.