PSO Maskpol podczas MSPO zaprezentuje komplety trudnopalnej bielizny letniej i zimowej dla żołnierzy oraz funkcjonariuszy, które są produktem polskim wytwarzanym według standardów i norm jakościowych amerykańskiego producenta - Milliken & Co.

American Milliken technologies included in a Polish product - Maskpol's modern flame-retardant thermoactive underwear presented at MSPO

04 september 2023
The 31st MSPO in Kielce displays the most modern technological solutions targeted at the army and uniformed services. There are products, ensuring protection against unfavourable weather conditions and fire. Novelty - sets of flame-retardant summer and winter underwear for soldiers and officers are the result of cooperation established in 2022 between the American fabric manufacturer - Milliken & Company and PSO Maskpol SA (PGZ Group)

Soldiers and officers on duty on the Polish-Belarusian border remain at their posts regardless of the time of day and weather conditions. The lack of adequate thermal comfort significantly affects soldiers' psychophysical condition, and may also lead to a decrease in the body's immunity and increase susceptibility to illness. This situation has a negative impact on the ability to conduct operations in formations and subunits. The ongoing war in Ukraine has demonstrated the importance of soldiers' equipment. Particular gear parts are designed for adequate protection; not only are these uniforms, but thermal underwear. The fighting on the Ukrainian front confirmed what had previously been observed in Iraq, i.e. the need to equip soldiers with flame-retardant uniforms.


Combat vehicle crews, i.e. tanks, infantry fighting vehicles and self-propelled artillery operators, are particularly exposed to open fire and high temperatures. Fires break out as a result of attacks with the use of anti-tank weapons or loitering ammunition. This group also includes military pilots. Very frequent cases of burns among crew members of armoured vehicles are also confirmed by Polish medics helping the fighting Ukraine. Burns cover large body surfaces.


- Soldiers may be forced to operate in extreme weather conditions for several months,  therefore, they need clothing that will protect them for extended periods of time while maintaining functionality if soldiers are expected to perform at peak efficiency while completing their tasks. Soldiers always fight with more confidence and commitment when they trust that their equipment and clothing are of best quality. Trust in one's own physical fitness, equipment and each other is the basis of a soldier's self-confidence. A soldier's service, in combat and in training conditions, is hard and demanding. Equipment and uniforms also wear out, as does a soldier who gets tired and loses strength. Equipment and uniforms that are functional, protect the soldier from fire and extreme weather conditions, reduce fatigue, the soldier "wear and tear", thereby helping him maintain his ability to perform the mission - he explains  general  Ben Hodges, former commanding general of the United States Army Europe in Europe


This year's MSPO in Kielce presents new sets of flame-retardant summer and winter underwear for soldiers and officers. Polish products are manufactured according to the standards and quality standards of the American manufacturer - Milliken & Co. Importantly, not only underwear sets are sewn in Poland. Poland lso deals with production of the critical materials, i.e retardant knitted fabric. Taking into account the current geopolitical environment and changes in the European security architecture, it is important for Poland and the Polish Army to expand the domestic production of high-quality military equipment. The production project of summer and winter, flame-resistant underwear implemented by Milliken and PSO Maskpol SA is an example of such a necessary investment and expansion of production capacity in Poland.


- Our cooperation with Milliken extends over several areas;  first of all, we create a material base for the flame-retardant underwear and warmers segment. These are high performance products, providing users with safety and comfort. Milliken on the Polish market makes use of the local production base. This sets the basis for a number of subsequent projects targeted to the Polish Armed Forces and other institutional clients. We also plan to use Milliken materials in the MAPA collection in the MAPA PRO segment, i.e. the segment of commercial products addressed to customers who expect products of the highest quality. We hope that the development of business relations with Milliken will enable us to become a partner and thus grant access to the latest and innovative material solutions of the American concern. Not only will it contribute to strengthening Maskpol's position on the domestic market, but will also enable us to launch joint projects on the EU and NATO markets - informs Adam Ogrodnik, President of the Management Board of PSO Maskpol SA

The transfer of Polartec technology and research and development work carried out in the Polish Plant over the last two years allowed for the creation of an improved version of flame-retardant summer and winter underwear. Our goal has been to create a product that would be able to fullfill its functions. In other words, we aimed to extend the lifespan of the product, improve its functionality and aesthetics. We want the Polish soldier to have equipment which befits the 21st century's requirements. Full polonisation of knitted fabric production is also important from the point of view of supply security and will enable full quality control by authorised services at every stage of the process, - adds. Anna Zygan, international sales manager of the Governmental and Defense Milliken department. - I am Polish and live in Poland, thus I fully understand the need and legitimacy of local production. I am also aware that the flame retardant underwear supply chain suffers from a lack of control over production processes, which poses risks related to quality, durability and timeliness of deliveries. That is why it is so important that the entire production process takes place in Poland - emphasises Anna Zygan.


The main features of flame-retardant underwear offered by Maskpol and based on Milliken technologies include - the use of flame-retardant, self-extinguishing fibre, creating a carbon barrier, protecting against re-ignition or further combustion. The underwear also offers higher breathability (compared to standard modacrylic fibres) even after repeated washing and higher resistance to tearing. The new underwear uses a patented - bi-component structure that guarantees the transport of moisture to the outside. Stretch has also been used, e.g. in cuffs for increased elasticity, thus the fabric does not push out and does not stretch. Underwear offers natural odour-resistance resulting from the yarns selection, increased durability of dyeing and resistance to tearing and abrasion. The product has thermal insulation parameters confirmed by tests.


- The sets of flame-retardant summer and winter underwear presented at the MSPO fair utilise the latest technologies with high performance parameters, which we obtained thanks to cooperation with Milliken. The result of the cooperation is a high-quality product that provides the user with safety and comfort. What distinguishes our sets of underwear? The combination of flame retardancy with breathability, effective moisture transport to the outside, and in the case of winter sets, thermal insulation, which is important - throughout its lifetime. Our product features also include durability and resistance to wear, ensuring that its functional and aesthetic values remain unchanged during use - adds President Adam Ogrodnik.


Underwear sets, both winter and summer, were subjected to a series of tests, including functional tests, and among them: resistance to pilling, breathability and heat protection RCT - in the case of a winter set.


What is equally important - the location of the production facilities for both the knitted fabric and the flame retardant underwear sets in Poland guarantees the security of supply chains. Not without significance is also the psychological aspect of the use of branded technology, thanks to which a product of high quality and functionality is created. This scheme translates into higher morale and motivation of soldiers and officers.


- Milliken sees PSO Maskpol as a strategic partner on the Polish market. Now talks are underway to extend the cooperation spectrum and we are starting new projects. If the new solutions are approved by the user, we plan to transfer the technology from the USA to the production plant in Poland. Our main goal is technological support for new projects which covers production and technology transfer of innovative materials to our domestic partners and the expansion of cooperation with the Polish military in cooperation with PGZ Maskpol - adds Anna Zygan, Government and Defense Milliken.


Milliken is a world leader in the production of flame retardant and low temperature resistant materials.   The company is known for developing high-performance fabrics that are comfortable, durable and provide flame retardant protection for the whole service life of the garment. In terms of solutions dedicated to the army and uniformed services - the American manufacturer has over 700 fabrics in its portfolio and offers them on over 20 markets. Thanks to the acquisition of Polartec in 2019, the inventor of modern synthetic fleece, Milliken has expanded its offer to protect against low temperatures. Today, the company is able to supply all seven layers of the US Army Gen III Extended Cold Weather Clothing System (ECWCS), which protects against wind, rain, snow and provides thermal comfort to soldiers at temperatures down to -45 C. Milliken flame retardant textile technologies are used in over 15 US Army and US Air Force combat clothing programmes. They were also used in a joint project with Maskpol.



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