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AGROTECH - new date of the expo

09 march 2020
- Targi Kielce acts in the best interests of our guests, exhibitors, Targi Kielce employees and the region's residents. The general public’s health safety and security is major top priority, thus in the view of deteriorating epidemiological situation in the country we duly comply with the Chief Sanitary Inspector’s recommendations. Having consulted the situation with the Świętokrzyskie Voivode Mr. Zbigniew Koniusz and the Kielce Mayor Mr. Bogdan Wenta, we resolved to postpone the AGROTECH expo

The AGROTECH International Fair of Agricultural Techniques was originally to be held from 13 to 15 March 2020. Over 700 companies have confirmed their participation. 65,000 square meters of exhibition space has been ready waiting for the exhibition -   Agrotech has been Poland’s largest expo held indoor.  For 26 years AGROTECH has inaugurated the farming season in the country.  Last year's AGROTECH brought together the audience of 75 thousand people.  Despite the event’s scale, these expos and all other trade fairs and are not regarded mass event according to Polish legal regulations. However the event’s scale raises concerns in the light of SARS - CoV-2 virus spread which causes Covid - 19 disease. The new coronavirus has spread globally, including Poland.                 

For several days, Targi Kielce has received signals from exhibitors - the are concerned that the coronavirus infection spreading epidemic may impact the event.  Poland’s leading companies have yet not decided whether to participate in the expo.  There have been many exhibitors’ requests to postpone the trade fair to a time when the coronavirus infection related risk is lower. – Andrzej Mochoń, PhD. Tragi Kielce president explains – We have been involved in an in-depth discussion with our clients. Not only have we discussed Agrotech, but also many other events scheduled for this year.  Having consulted the situation we have resolved to postpone the expo - we are convinced that our common security is of utmost importance.   We have struggled for the exhibition to take place until now.

Since the beginning of this year, Targi Kielce has already hosted four major trade fairs. The expos’ scope was truly diversified and ranged from the pigeon exhibition, through the Kids’ Time Expo - Mother and Child products Expo, the Enex Fair of Renewable Sources of Energy, and last week's Polish Building Materials Depots’ contracting expo.  Events go down in history as successes, this includes the number of visitors. The organisers ensured the highest level of sanitary safety and security. Companies from countries which struggle with the coronavirus infection did not exhibit at the trade fairs.  However, the measure may not be enough in the light of the growing number of infections in Poland.

Despite the enormous amount of work we have invested into the Agrotech organisation and the costs we have incurred, we have recognized the general public health status is an overriding priority.  - said president Andrzej Mochoń - We do hope that exhibitors as well as all those who intended to visit the expo understand our stand point.  We will do our best to make the expo held on some other date equally attractive and successful.

The new AGROTECH date - June 2020.

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