Od początku działalności Viessmann, angażuje się w projekty, które pozwalają zmodernizować i usprawnić jakość energetyczną i ekonomiczną branży grzewczej.

Viessmann proudly presents its latest developments at the Enex online expo

21 april 2021
Viessmann is a family company with over 100 years of tradition, a leading manufacturer of heating, industrial and cooling systems

Ever since the beginning of its business activity Viessmann, has been committed to projects which allow to modernise and improve energy and economic quality of heating systems and industry as such. The company started the  Climate Foundation, whose goal is environmental awareness dissemination, low altitude emissions prevention and popularisation of solutions based on RES and electricity

We encourage you to join the on-line trade fair Enex on line   is here to equip you with knowledge on the company's latest offer. The portfolio of the firm includes:

Vitodens 100 - the new, best-selling condensing boiler

Distinguishing features of the new Vitodens 100-W and Vitodens 111-W Viessmann

  • simple operation via the ViCare application;
  • LED display which comes as a designer touch panel;
  • Lambda Pro Control system, which guarantees lower heating costs;
  • the boiler may run on natural and liquid gas without the need for mechanical retooling;
  • extremely compact, quiet, easy to fit into any room;
  • ideal for houses and apartments which need heating systems modernisation;
  • remote control via WiFi and ViCare application;
  • corrosion-resistant, highly efficient and reliable Inox-Radial heat exchanger;
  • innovative MatriX-Plus burner made of stainless steel;
  • greater modulation of the boiler power and greater comfort - utility hot water always available when needed.

The latest devices generation offers high efficiency and low emissions.  Equipped with modern, digital solutions for even easier operation for users,  Vitodens 100-W wall-hung gas condensing boilers, single and double function, and the Vitodens 111-W with an integrated 46-liter stackable stainless steel DHW cylinder are new products from the Vitodens family. This year’s novelty. This is the highest condensing boilers class with a rated heat output from 19 to 32 kW, all come with a large modulation range and a minimum power of only 3.2 kW.  The boilers have an integrated WiFi gate.  Operated with touch buttons on the display or from a smartphone via the ViCare application, the application  is one-stop-shop for information about the current operating status of the heating system. Use it also to make changes to heating and domestic hot water time, and to contact a local service technician directly. Modern components make the new Vitodens gas condensing boilers extremely compact, quiet and easy to fit into any room. The technical details for the new Vitodens condensing boilers can be found at:  viessmann.pl/vitodens

Single Room Control - room temperature control schemes

Teh new control system  - the Single Room Control  - each of the residents may set up the temperature on their own ; individual rooms with bespoke conditions. Single Room Control is based on the Vitoconnect 100 OPTO1 central control unit -  personalised temperature programming - a convenient temperature in the comfort or economy mode. The system is operated with the use of the dedicated application, which runs on smartphones and tablets equipped with Android or iOS. We don't have to look for a smartphone every time we want to change the room temperature;  a traditional radiator head and a knob come in handy -  by default, it remains effective for 2 hours. Visible in the application. The system heads have been equipped with additional functions designed to improve comfort and increase the efficiency of the system.  The open window detection function is one of the app extensions.  The system is controlled by the free ViCare application.  The SRC system works best with Viessmann heating devices equipped with the OptoLink communication interface,  which does not mean, however, that people who do not have a device with the Viessmann logo in the boiler room, or the residents of blocks of flats, are deprived of the system's capabilities. The system works perfectly very well with other devices.


obraz.png [173.41 KB]

Vitocal 200-A / 222-A heat pump

Optimised acoustic performance make the Vitocal 200-A pump particularly suitable for densely built-up areas, such as terraced house estates.  A compact, wall-mounted indoor unit, equipped with hydraulics and a regulator offers quiet operation. Thus the device can be installed close to rooms people live in. Outdoor unit’s connection pipes are filled with water, and the installer does not need to have the special certificate.  The Vitocal 200-A heat pump can be installed quickly owing to a wide range of factory-delivered fitments for matching system accessories.

Vitocal-200-A-00016.jpg [6.28 MB]


  • Low operating costs because of high COP (COP = Coefficient of Performance) according to EN 14511: up to 5.0 (A7 / W35)
  • One unit for heating and cooling thanks to a reversible layout
  • Extremely quiet operation of the device thanks to the Advanced Acoustic Design (AAD) technology - ideal for use also in estates of terraced houses
  • High product quality and a modern, timeless design - Made in Germany
  • Maximum flow temperature: up to 60 ° C
  • Monoblock indoor units with highly efficient circulation pump, 3-way diverter valve, instantaneous water heating, safety fittings and controller

A new campaign is underway -  "Triple Benefits Package - ECO-EFFICIENT", - a unique promotional offer for heat pumps targeted at the customer.  February 1 marks the beginning -  buy a Vitocal 200-A / 222-A heat pump, and you will receive the air purifier FREE.

Customers who decide to purchase the specified heat pump sets and request installation from the Partner Companies recommended by Viessmann may take part in the promotional campaign. All you need to do is register your Viessmann heat pump purchased under the scheme - go to : moj.viessmann-serwis.pl, enter the serial number of the device and use the code that will be sent to the e-mail address. Order the purifier via the e-shop: www.sklep-viessmann.pl . The device will be delivered free of charge to the address provided.





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