The European BioBoosters Hackathons - the launch Targi Kielce supports innovation and encourages to join in!

27 september 2023
The environment care, carbon footprint reduction, recycling and transitioning to a circular economy model - these are critical topics related to environmental protection. BioBoosters Hackathons are designed to create innovative and ecological solutions; Targi Kielce has supported pro-ecological solutions for years by participating and encouraging participation in such initiatives.

The use of wood ash generated in wood processing in creative process for  innovative solutions is one of the topics of the European BioBoosters Hackathons. Holmen, one of the largest sawmill manufacturers in Sweden, invites you to come up with ideas to use wood ash sustainably and innovatively. Holmen's factories produce a total of approximately 450 tons of this material a year, only a tiny part is later used. The wood processing by-product has unique properties, and its texture, mineral content and alkalinity predestine its use in agriculture and construction.

Participation in the Hackathon offers the opportunity to establish business cooperation and implement joint projects with Holmen. More information and registration for the event can be found on the official Holmen Hackathon website at: