Safety-focused investments

24 june 2020
A multifunctional compartment with an personal sanitary control unit - Targi Kielce equipment expansion. The device has been designed to increase the people’s health safety and security whenever they participate in events organised at Targi Kielce and its Congress Centre

Pursuant to the Council of Ministers’  Regulation of 29 May 2020, trade shows and expos, congresses, seminars and conferences may be held, starting 6 June.  Mandatory observance of all precautions outlined in the Chief Sanitary Inspectorate’s guidelines.  The restrictions in place result from the SARS-CoV-2 virus infections spread which may result in COVID-19 disease.

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Until now, containers with disinfecting liquid have been available in Targi Kielce exhibition facilities. Every person who wanted to enter the facility had to undergo mandatory temperature screening. Regular disinfection of frequently touched infrastructure elements, i.e. door handles, handrails, balustrades, counter-tops, tables and other sanitary measures have also been intensified. The opening, awarding ceremonies, seminars, congresses and other similar events held in accordance with applicable regulations regarding the number of people and safe social distances.  The safety rules are described in detail at Targi Kielce and available at

starting June 23, guests participating in trade fairs and exhibitions are also required to undergo individual sanitary control before entering the facilities. A mobile diagnostic and preventive cubicle equipped with temperature control equipment and automatic disinfection functions was available for guests. The process is simple - one enters the compartment and makes a full turn (360) with raised hands. The procedure is absolutely safe, because the micro-spraying system is used for decontamination. The system produces a dry mist. The device renders viruses and bacteria present on clothing and shoes harmless in just a few seconds. Similar solutions are used in Asian countries.  - These devices are gained increased appreciation  around the world. In the a coronavirus pandemic era such devices help meet sanitary requirements. However, we must remember that innovative device disinfection services do not free us from the obligation to use other precautions such as frequent hand washing or disinfection - says Andrzej Mochoń PhD., president of Targi Kielce.

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Persons who constantly supervise the device operation have been trained to operate it.  The Targi Kielce's management board’s priority is to implement all security measures while ensuring the comfort of the expo centre’s guests.

The 2020 legal advisers exam organized on 23 June by the District Chamber of Legal Advisers was the first event the device was used at. The  event was attended by over 40 participants


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