W Targach Kielce miało miejsce spotkanie przedsiębiorców z regionu świętokrzyskiego z Wiceprezesem Rady Ministrów, Ministrem rozwoju, pracy i technologii, prezesa Partii Porozumienie – Jarosławem Gowinem

About entrepreneurs and for entrepreneurs

07 june 2021
The Targi Kielce hosted a meeting of entrepreneurs from the Świętokrzyskie region with the Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Development, Labour and Technology, President of the Porozumienie Party - Jarosław Gowin

At the meeting attended by the owners of companies from our region, the most sensitive topics for business were discussed,  including flat-rate tax, PIT, CIT and changes to be introduced in Polish legislation. During the meeting, Minister Gowin listened to the suggestions and answered questions posed by the audience. The guests of the meeting: Marshal of the Świętokrzyskie Voivodeship Renata Janik, Andrzej Mochoń PhD., President of the Board of Targi Kielce, Bożena Staniak, Vice-President of the Management Board of Targi Kielce, Marek Banasik, entrepreneur and president of the Confederation Lewiatan and Świętokrzyskie Association of Private Employers Lewiatan, Janusz Piątek Vice-president of the Craft Association Polish, Professor Engineer Zbigniew Koruba, rector of the Kielce University of Technology, as well as local entrepreneurs representing construction, energy, medical companies and service sectors.

- (...) One of the first companies listed in Poland was Exbud. Then came the time of Michał Sołowow, who proved that big business could also be done in a small town. - said Andrzej Mochoń PhD. - (...) and the prime minister came here to listen to you. I encourage you to ask questions - added President Mochoń.

- (...) I came mainly to listen and talk about a very specific topic. - said Minister Jarosław Gowin. - I've been working on a project myself for the last few months. This will be announced on Wednesday. (…) I mean the new industrial policy.  We keep working on the export policy enhancement so as we can support Polish companies in the development, not only on the domestic market but also on global markets.

The discussion also concerned the tax-free amount and possible changes that, from the perspective of entrepreneurs, could be found in subsequent acts. The participants pointed out to the complexity of regulations and the need to unify tax law. The public administration functioning and the aid funds settlement methods were mentioned.


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