The online conference will be available on the ZOOM platform and on the pages of the Kielce University of Technology and Facebook. 

TIPS for the Zoom Meeting:

  • the light source should be placed in front of you (a lamp, window)
  • the light should be diffused (if it is a lamp, it should not shine too much in the face), but at the same time the light must illuminate the figure well (we will avoid darkened figures or too bright faces). In fact, every window in front of your face does just that.
  • headphones - it is recommended to use them - can be a regular phone set
  • preferred computer connection
  • we avoid small checks and dots as well as bright colors in clothing
  • the background is preferably bright, uniform, smooth - it can be a wall (with a logo, diplomas etc.)
  • Please use the stable connection (preferably with a cord)

Check list - 10 minutes before the webinar

  • please set up the camera, light and headphones accordingly
  • a glass of water or something else to drink (within reach) and tissues will be useful
  • before recording, each of you will receive an email link to the recording tool. To go to the online conference, please use the link and sign.

More Zoom instructions on the website

How to Join a Zoom Meeting – video 

How To Share Your Screen in Zoom – video