premiera autobusu miejskiego solaris podczas targów transexpo w kielcach TRANSEXPO - the industry’s most important expo

Global première, important contracts, nearly 6,500 business-insiders at the expo, a series of business-focussed discussions - the 14th International Fair of Public Transport TRANSEXPO was held from 23 to 25 October 2018 in Targi Kielce. The expo has again confirmed its excellent standing on the Europe’s municipal transport map.

More than 10,000 square meters of the exhibitions space, as may as 155 exhibitors that showcased and presented brand new products; 60 buses on show including 22 premières. The Solaris Bus&Coach company surprised the guests with the global première of its ultra-light and economical Urbino 12 LE lite hybrid. TRANSEXPO 2018 witnessed a truly fabulous bus launch. The EvoBus also staged a Polish première - this proved to be a real market-hit on show, much to the visitors’ delight. Mercedes Future Bus, shown for the first time in Poland is a very concrete idea for the city ​​bus bus of the future.


wyposażenie autobusów na targach transportu zbiorowego transexpo w kielcach An important agreement of PGNiG Retail.

At 2018 TRANSEXPO, the PGNiG Retail  signed a letter of intent with Municipal Transport Company in Kielce on construction of a nationwide CNG re-filling station infrastructure to become operational by the end of 2019. This development is related to the plans of MPK, according to which 60 eco-powered buses powered with natural CNG gas will hit the streets of Kielce by 2025  .Under the agreement, PGNiG Retail expressed its will to build a nationwide CNG re-fuelling stations network by the end of 2019. These will also serve public transport vehicles in Kielce. MPK in Kielce intends to buy 60 CNG vehicles by 2020 and thus attain the result of 30% share in low-emission buses, many of which will be fuelled with CNG.

  Conference devoted to public transport

The International Fair of Public Transport, in addition to a wide and diversified exhibitions abounds with discussions focussed on the industry's most topical issues."Electromobility and ICT systems for public transport" conference  was organised by the Chamber of Urban Transport; the session preceded the TRANSEXPO 2018. Following the expo many-year tradition, the Polish Vehicle Transport and Forwarding Chamber of Commerce from Warsaw also had its conference within the scope of the expo.

  wystawa autobusów zabytkowych na targach transexpo w kielcach Targi Kielce's 2018's TRANSEXPO - a showcase for vintage buses.

Not only does the International Fair of Public Transport TRANSEXPO showcase cutting-edge buses; visitors also had a chance to admire older vehicles. "Vehicles which have a soul and spirit" - this is how one could describe the Chamber of Urban Transport’s Vintage Buses Exhibition. This was the first time one-stop-shop presentation Poland’s oldest public transport buses.Each of the historic vehicles on show at the exhibition is unique yet each remains fully technical viable.



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