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Business focussed international event - the first Slavic B2Beauty!

AdobeStock-62310112.jpeg [529.25 KB] Nearly 1,000 face-to-face and online meetings,  over 60 entrepreneurs from 20 countries from all corners of the world. Over 30 producers of cosmetics and pharmaceuticals from Poland, the Czech Republic and Lithuania. These are the facts and figures related to the first contracting expo for the cosmetics and pharmaceutical industry Slavic B2Beauty at Targi Kielce.

Contracts expo the cosmetics and pharmaceutical industry - the Slavic B2Beauty turned out to be the one-of-a-kind event of this kind in the country. This was highlighted by Lidia Lukowska - the director for Communication and Organization Development at the Polish Union of the Cosmetics Industry who also joined the expo. The Targi Kielce Congress Centre hosted the event. The participants were offered the opportunity to present their products and talk shop in the most comfortable venue. The Slavic beauty products portfolio; body, hair and nail care products decomplemented with dietary supplements and pharmaceuticals, were presented to 60 buyers from all corners of the world,   including entrepreneurs from  Australia, United Arab Emirates, Spain, Tunisia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, the Netherlands, Romania, Czech Republic, Malaysia, Algeria, Morocco, Israel, Ukraine, Denmark, Qatar, Uzbekistan, Bulgaria, Estonia and Poland. 

All eyes on Targi Kielce!

Slavic beauty products have generated an avid interest among customers from all over the world for years. Representatives of Lulu Hypermarket, the largest supermarket chain in Qatar, Golden Corner from Malaysia, Lucona and Eurona from the Czech Republic and Ircos from Morocco participated in the June expo. The producers' group included recognised brands of cosmetics and pharmaceuticals, such as: Organique, Eveline, Miraculum, Dr Irena Eris, Stara Mydlarnia, Ziołolek, or Herbapol, and many others. They found the June contracting expo an excellent opportunity to present their offer to representatives of global retail chains. Instead of long journeys to distant countries, there was just one visit to the first Slavic B2Beauty show. Establishing business partnerships with Chambers of Commerce, international companies, consortia and networks that are looking for producers of natural and ecological cosmetics is now fast and easy.

Interesting lectures complement the agenda

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Business meetings for distributors and buyers, manufacturers of cosmetics and pharmaceuticals and much more - the agenda of the Slavic B2Beauty is much more extensive. Interesting lectures and presentations were held simultaneously in the Omega Conference Room. They discussed the issues related to Poland's share in the global cosmetics market, environmental protection and recycling, trade cooperation and financing of export activities. The two days show allowed producers to make the best of the experts' help; not only were they well-versed in foreign markets. They also offered specialised knowledge in the legal systems of global economies. The partner of the event - the Polish Union of the Cosmetics Industry, proved to be incredibly helpful -  for years, the union has protected the rights and represented the interests of its members in the domestic and foreign arena.

Strong partners - the basis for future involvement

Strong partners - this critical aspect further increased the event's importance. The cosmetics industry has gone from strength to strength every year and thus needs a strong partner who will take care of the economic and social interests of cosmetics industry employers. In addition to the Polish Union of the Cosmetics Industry it is also worth noting the presence of such companies and institutions as:  Swietokrzyskie Innovativeness and Technology Transfer Centre, which has supported local entrepreneurs for many years, Berm LLC, Destination France, Passport to Export, as well as Bilateral Chambers: Qatar-Poland Business Council, Polish-Kazakhstan Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Polish-Asian Chamber of Commerce, Polish-Georgian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Mida Group from Tunisia, Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Uzbekistan, Beijing Heliview International Exhibition Co. Ltd. and foreign offices of the Polish Investment and Trade Agency in Malaysia, Israel and Romania.

Entrepreneurs from all corners of the world visited Kielce

The foreign delegations' visit to Kielce made it possible to tour the city and become familiar with the institutions supporting the event. The day after the expo, on 23 June, the entrepreneurs arrived at the Kielce Technology Park on a study visit. This was the chance to meet the park's tenants who are into cosmetics and pharmaceuticals. THe foreign guests also got acquainted with the possibilities and activities of the technopark, its facilities.

We look forward to seeing you at the upcoming SLAVIC B2BEAUTY contracting expo for the cosmetics and pharmaceutical industry at Targi Kielce.

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22 june 2022
Khairul Ridhwan bin Zahardin, Business Development Manager from the Polish Investment and Trade Agency, presented the details concerning the conditions for Polish companies to meet in order to sell cosmetics on the Malaysian market.
21 june 2022
Business meetings for distributors and buyers, manufacturers of cosmetics and pharmaceuticals and much more - the agenda of the Slavic B2Beauty is much more extensive. Interesting lectures and presentations are held at the same time in the Omega Conference Room; one of the presentations was delivered by Wastech Recycling.
21 june 2022
The president of the board of Targi Kielce, PhD Andrzej Mochoń, solemnly opened the first contracting expo for the cosmetics and pharmaceutical industry Slavic B2Beauty. The CEO wished for fruitful business talks - these were addressed to 60 buyers from 20 countries. and 32 exhibitors. Lidia Lukowska from the Polish Union of the Cosmetics Industry noted that every second cosmetic from Poland is exported; the cosmetics industry
14 june 2022
The first Slavic B2Beauty contracting expo for the cosmetics and pharmaceutical industry is held on 21 and 22 June 2022 at Targi Kielce. The business-focussed and international event promises to be extremely busy, as buyers and distributors from 20 countries have confirmed their presence. They all come to Kielce to learn about the Slavic products portfolio; body, hair and nail care products decomplemented with dietary supplements and pharmaceuticals.
14 june 2022
The brand is present in over 70 countries around the world, while the list of new markets is continuously expanding. While developing the products we follow three basic rules: innovativeness, quality and professionalism.
13 june 2022
We encourage you to make conscious choices, give yourself little pleasure, and accept minor imperfections. Step by step, we help to bring out the beauty of a healthy, well-groomed skin, regardless of age.
13 june 2022
PAESE is a Polish cosmetic brand loved by women; they have marked their presence in 50 countries around the world. PAESE finds the health of your skin the most important thing, which is why we create unique cosmetics that always combine makeup with skincare. The products naturally enhance feminine beauty, while nourishing their skin throughout the day.
10 june 2022
Microencapsulation benefits both producers and the user. Micro Capsules Factory (division APRS LLC) presents this method at the Slavic B2Beauty Expo.
09 june 2022
The first contracting expo - the Slavic B2Beauty cosmetic and pharmaceutical industry show, will be held soon at the Targi Kielce Congress Centre. The two-day event offers buyers from all over the world the possibility get to know a wide range of products from Poland and Europe and to take part in business talks. And there is much more than that.
09 june 2022
Looksus Lashes and Color Care are Polish cosmetic companies. All products are created with attention to every detail. The company creates products for professionals as well as for people who simply like makeup.
08 june 2022
YOU & YOU is a premium natural cosmetic brand, registered trademark by RJ1 Sp. z o.o. specialised in the development and production of (oral, body hair & face) care products. Mainly Focusing on development with an accurate concentration on details, efficacy and high satisfaction in experiences.
06 june 2022
Herbapol Wrocław SA specializes in production of pharmaceuticals and dietary supplements based on herbal raw materials. We are the biggest manufacturer of herbal medicines in Poland. For over 75 years we have been introducing to the market modern herbal preparations, combining natural medicine achievements with the most up to date technologies employed in drug production.
02 june 2022
HEINZ-GLAS Działdowo LLC specializes in the design and production of glass packaging; the firm develops, produces, refines and distributes packaging made of clear, opal and coloured glass. Products are available worldwide and used in the perfume and cosmetics industries.
01 june 2022
Stara Mydlarnia is a Polish brand; made out of dreams, passion and inspiration from nature combined with love for beauty and a search for pleasant, unforgettable moments in the home SPA's comfort. Stara Mydlarnia offers face, body and hair care cosmetics as well as aromatherapy products containing carefully selected ingredients, mostly of natural origin. Effectiveness is amazing.
27 may 2022
Almost 75 years of experience, active ingredients of natural origin in dermatological concentrations and highest standards of pharmaceutical manufacturing are all combined in „Ziololek” products. We are a trusted supplier of dermocosmetics, dietary supplements, medical products and OTC drugs.
26 may 2022
The company came into the business with 100% natural products, composed of excellent and simple ingredients. At that time, despite the shelves sagging from various cosmetics, beauty supply stores still lacked products that would meet many customers' requirements. The company decided to open its cosmetic laboratory as a response to internal and external expectations.
25 may 2022
The cutting-edge Targi Kielce Congress Centre's interiors are going to be a full house - manufacturers of the best cosmetics and pharmaceuticals from Europe will come to Kielce in less than a month. Buyers and distributors from all over the world come to prosper for a wide range of creams, makeup, body, hair and nail care, dermocosmetics, packaging and dietary supplements.
24 may 2022
We are La-Le - Nature encapsulated in a jar! For over five years we have offered Poles (but not only Poles) nature's best in the form of cosmetics.
23 may 2022
A-Sense LLC was established at the beginning of 2017 - development and implementation of new technologies and the production of speciality chemicals is the company's objective. The company produces innovative raw materials for cosmetics, including hemp, plant extracts, e.g. standardized and CO2 extracts, liposomes, oils, acids and fragrance formulations.
20 may 2022
Algeria, Morocco and Tunisia - these African countries will be represented at the Slavic B2Beauty contracting expo in June. The event brings together the cosmetics pharmaceutical and industry. Their presence is an excellent opportunity for Polish and European cosmetics producers to explore new directions for their export; products desired in the world may be sold in distant countries owing to business partnerships establishment.
19 may 2022
Beliso - a Polish manufacturer of cosmetics of such brands as: ARGAN, CECE MED., BE NATURAL, HELLO NATURE, EXPERTO+ and VEGAN join the group of Slavic B2Beauty exhibitors fellowship! Since 1995, the company has provided hair and body care cosmetics containing the highest quality ingredients which deliver proven effects. Beliso offers vegan and natural brands, consisting of up to 99% of raw materials of natural origin.
17 may 2022
The beauty industry has enjoyed the fastest growth on the Asian market, thus representatives of this part of the world will be present at the Slavic B2Beauty contracting expo held in June. Distributors and buyers from the East will appear at Targi Kielce in order to establish business contacts and learn about a wide range of cosmetic and pharmaceutical products from Poland and Europe.
12 may 2022
Joanna Marcjan - Deputy Director of the Trade Fair Department at Targi Kielce, spoke about the cosmetics industry, the beauty market's development, cooperation with foreign distributors and the value offered by Slavic B2Beauty, contracting expo held in June.
09 may 2022
PPFK PROFARM LLC is a Polish manufacturer of medicines, cosmetics and aromatherapy products, in business for over 30 years. The company boasts a pharmaceutical and cosmetic portfolio. Its production profile is developed in accordance with the GMP standard and certificate.
05 may 2022
Taking a holistic approach to health and beauty at She Goes Cosmetics, the company which offers product lines full of nature. Products created for deep care, both of your skin and the planet.
29 april 2022
Coloris is a Polish company founded in 2001. The creation, development, production and sale of cosmetics are the company's business lines. With its experienced team that combines passion and commitment, the company has become an expert in all aspects of the creation and production of cosmetics. The passion, innovation and knowledge drive the continuous development of the company.
27 april 2022
The tense geopolitical situation in Eastern Europe has consequences for many industries, and there is a mass movement of companies withdrawing Russian market. Firms discontinue their business engagement. The cosmetics and pharmaceutical industries are not different. However, we should remember that closing one country's market does not block the possibility of exporting. This is an eye-opener for those looking for new directions.
21 april 2022
Pierre Rene boasts many years of experience in the cosmetics industry; for over 25 years, it has aided women to bring out their natural beauty. With such extensive experience, the firm easily follows the changing trends and turns ideas into high-quality cosmetic products.
11 april 2022
MIRACULUM SA is one of the oldest Polish cosmetic companies, established in 1924, it specialises in creating modern recipes based on natural and proven ingredients. The brand's character is emphasised by the tasteful, minimalistic packaging with a unique shape, stylised as Napoleon's hat.
07 april 2022
A family company from Białystok, operating under the Hrabina Rzewuska [Countess Rzewuska] brand, was established out of love and passion for perfume in oil, products dedicated to conscious customers looking for sophisticated fragrances. The perfumes are targeted at both men and women who like to emphasise their character and stand out in the crowd, as these fragrances can take you to another world, the world of the Orient.
01 april 2022
Slavic B2Beauty is not only about business meetings but also exciting lectures during the two days contracting event. One of the lectures is delivered by Piotr Snopek - Sales and Marketing Director of Passport to Export LLC, a partner of the June event.
24 march 2022
June contracting expo for the beauty industry attracts buyers, producers of cosmetics and pharmaceuticals from worldwide. One of the largest Polish producers of fragrance cosmetics - Uroda Polska has just joined the exhibitors list
09 february 2022
The Polish Union of the Cosmetics Industry joins forces with many other companies and organizations, and partner of the SLAVIC B2Beauty trade fair for the cosmetics and pharmaceutical industry held in June. For years, the employers’ union has protected the rights and represented the interests of its members in the domestic and foreign arena.
08 february 2022
For years the Swietokrzyskie Innovativeness and Technology Transfer Centre LLC has supported local entrepreneurs. This time, the organisation has granted its support to the SLAVIC B2Beauty cosmetics industry fair held in June. ŚCITT's mission is to support local entrepreneurship and stimulate the development of the Świętokrzyskie region through the transfer of scientific and research achievements, economic information for small and medium-sized enterprises,
25 january 2022
The trader' fellowship of June's Slavic B2Beauty cosmetics industry event keeps growing. We are pleased to inform you about a group of distributors of beauty products from Uzbekistan joining the Kielce show held on 21-22 June to see the wide range of cosmetics offered by Polish and foreign manufacturers.
23 september 2021
Trade exchange between Poland and Tunisia continues in a stable upward trend. In 2019, the trade turnover increased by 10.9% compared to the previous year, reaching the level of USD 419.3 million. Exports from Poland to Tunisia amounted to USD 135.4 million (an increase of 6.1%), and imports to USD 283.9 million (an increase of 11.8%). The experience of the MIDA Group agency in the development of international cooperation is of great importance for the organizers of Slavic B2Beauty contracting.
22 september 2021
For over a decade the Turkish market recorded a clear recovery in the cosmetic industry. The cosmetics sector is becoming one of the most promising and dynamic sectors in Turkey. Therefore, the cooperation with the Polish-Turkish Chamber of Commerce in the field of Slavic B2Beauty is extremely important for the Kielce exhibition center!
21 september 2021
Kazakhstan is Poland's most important partner in Central Asia, and the fourth largest export-import market in the East. Such a business partner of contracting Slavic B2Beauty organizers could not get past! The cooperation between Targi Kielce and PKCCI means new fields for business development.
24 august 2021
France is one of the most important markets for the cosmetics industry. The Slavic B2Beauty - contracting B2B event's organisers have therefore established cooperation with Direction France, which will prosper for buyers interested in Slavic cosmetics and care products
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