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Slavic beauty. Contracting opportunities galore for the cosmetics industry

AdobeStock-62310112.jpeg [529.25 KB] The cosmetics industry is one of the booming sectors of the economy. The beauty market's projected global growth until 2023 is EUR 544.7 billion. Moreover, highly developed countries' consumers demonstrate significant interest in natural products manufactured in eastern countries. Therefore, we believe there are more than enough reasons to join the Slavic B2Beauty - Contracting Event for the Cosmetics and Pharmaceutic Industry. A new event in the Targi Kielce's calendar of events - we look forward to seeing you.

Poland's first convention of cosmetics and pharmaceutical industry has been designed as a one-stop shop for producers  from among others  the Slavic countries,  purchasing agents and traders, distributors from around the world. The event is held on 21 and 22 June 2022 in the Kielce exhibition and congress centre.

The beauty industry's trends

The cosmetics and personal care market has been booming; this up-trend has been fuelled by the skincare segment.  A generational change has been the primary growth factor; young consumers who use a lot of cosmetics have become the market players.  The new generations' impact has been coupled with the changes triggered and enhanced by social media and eCommerce. The latter has a significant impact on shopping behaviours,  as trends from all corners of the world disseminate quickly and change daily skincare routines.

The place to meet, contract and sign on the dotted line

Contracts for the cosmetics and pharmaceutical industry - the Slavic B2Beauty offers an excellent opportunity to present a wide range of cosmetic and pharmaceutical products. The event will also abound with offerings from producers of packaging used in the cosmetics and perfume industry.  The Slavic B2Beauty is a bridge between the two domains -  manufacturers and buyers.

A Contracting trade fair for the cosmetic and pharmaceutical industry is thus an excellent matchmaking opportunity.  Connecting people in business is one of the expo industry's most important objectives. This event is no different.   Targi Kielce has invited Agencies and Chambers of Commerce from all over the world to join forces and co-create the event. China, Qatar, Brazil, France, Italy, Ukraine, Turkey, as well as representatives from Balkan and Asian countries are already on board.

The two-day trade show offers buyers the opportunity to become familiar with the manufacturers' offer, but also to negotiate prices and sort out logistics issues. Time has also been earmarked for talks on the sidelines; the gala dinner is a perfect opportunity for this kind of networking.

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A toiletry bag full to the brim - the cosmetics and pharmaceuticals sectors go from strength to strength

According to the estimates, the global beauty market's growth until 2023 is EUR 544.7 billion; the annual Polish market share is PLN 21 billion.

Significantly, global cosmetics exports increased by 16.5% in 2017-2020, from EUR 105.6 billion in 2016 to EUR 123.1 billion last year. In 2019 alone, the industry's global revenues amounted to EUR 474.2 billion.  Although the Covid-19 pandemic has impeded sales, the market is forecasted to continue its growth at 5.2% rate by 2023.  

The market is open for online sale

The beauty industry is one of the front-runners in online channel utilisation;  in 2017, cosmetics sold online generated 12% of revenues, and in 2019 - 14.4%. According to forecasts, 2023 will see a 19.5% increase.

Interestingly, the cosmetics industry also uses the reverse ROPO effect (Research Online, Purchase Offline - Reverse);   consumers prefer to find out information about the products and see them in stationary beauty supply stores. The final purchasing decision, however, is shifted to the online world.  


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27 may 2022
Almost 75 years of experience, active ingredients of natural origin in dermatological concentrations and highest standards of pharmaceutical manufacturing are all combined in „Ziololek” products. We are a trusted supplier of dermocosmetics, dietary supplements, medical products and OTC drugs.
26 may 2022
The company came into the business with 100% natural products, composed of excellent and simple ingredients. At that time, despite the shelves sagging from various cosmetics, beauty supply stores still lacked products that would meet many customers' requirements. The company decided to open its cosmetic laboratory as a response to internal and external expectations.
25 may 2022
The cutting-edge Targi Kielce Congress Centre's interiors are going to be a full house - manufacturers of the best cosmetics and pharmaceuticals from Europe will come to Kielce in less than a month. Buyers and distributors from all over the world come to prosper for a wide range of creams, makeup, body, hair and nail care, dermocosmetics, packaging and dietary supplements.
24 may 2022
We are La-Le - Nature encapsulated in a jar! For over five years we have offered Poles (but not only Poles) nature's best in the form of cosmetics.
23 may 2022
A-Sense LLC was established at the beginning of 2017 - development and implementation of new technologies and the production of speciality chemicals is the company's objective. The company produces innovative raw materials for cosmetics, including hemp, plant extracts, e.g. standardized and CO2 extracts, liposomes, oils, acids and fragrance formulations.
20 may 2022
Algeria, Morocco and Tunisia - these African countries will be represented at the Slavic B2Beauty contracting expo in June. The event brings together the cosmetics pharmaceutical and industry. Their presence is an excellent opportunity for Polish and European cosmetics producers to explore new directions for their export; products desired in the world may be sold in distant countries owing to business partnerships establishment.
19 may 2022
Beliso - a Polish manufacturer of cosmetics of such brands as: ARGAN, CECE MED., BE NATURAL, HELLO NATURE, EXPERTO+ and VEGAN join the group of Slavic B2Beauty exhibitors fellowship! Since 1995, the company has provided hair and body care cosmetics containing the highest quality ingredients which deliver proven effects. Beliso offers vegan and natural brands, consisting of up to 99% of raw materials of natural origin.
17 may 2022
The beauty industry has enjoyed the fastest growth on the Asian market, thus representatives of this part of the world will be present at the Slavic B2Beauty contracting expo held in June. Distributors and buyers from the East will appear at Targi Kielce in order to establish business contacts and learn about a wide range of cosmetic and pharmaceutical products from Poland and Europe.
12 may 2022
Joanna Marcjan - Deputy Director of the Trade Fair Department at Targi Kielce, spoke about the cosmetics industry, the beauty market's development, cooperation with foreign distributors and the value offered by Slavic B2Beauty, contracting expo held in June.
24 march 2022
June contracting expo for the beauty industry attracts buyers, producers of cosmetics and pharmaceuticals from worldwide. One of the largest Polish producers of fragrance cosmetics - Uroda Polska has just joined the exhibitors list
09 february 2022
The Polish Union of the Cosmetics Industry joins forces with many other companies and organizations, and partner of the SLAVIC B2Beauty trade fair for the cosmetics and pharmaceutical industry held in June. For years, the employers’ union has protected the rights and represented the interests of its members in the domestic and foreign arena.
08 february 2022
For years the Swietokrzyskie Innovativeness and Technology Transfer Centre LLC has supported local entrepreneurs. This time, the organisation has granted its support to the SLAVIC B2Beauty cosmetics industry fair held in June. ŚCITT's mission is to support local entrepreneurship and stimulate the development of the Świętokrzyskie region through the transfer of scientific and research achievements, economic information for small and medium-sized enterprises,
25 january 2022
The trader' fellowship of June's Slavic B2Beauty cosmetics industry event keeps growing. We are pleased to inform you about a group of distributors of beauty products from Uzbekistan joining the Kielce show held on 21-22 June to see the wide range of cosmetics offered by Polish and foreign manufacturers.
23 september 2021
Trade exchange between Poland and Tunisia continues in a stable upward trend. In 2019, the trade turnover increased by 10.9% compared to the previous year, reaching the level of USD 419.3 million. Exports from Poland to Tunisia amounted to USD 135.4 million (an increase of 6.1%), and imports to USD 283.9 million (an increase of 11.8%). The experience of the MIDA Group agency in the development of international cooperation is of great importance for the organizers of Slavic B2Beauty contracting.
22 september 2021
For over a decade the Turkish market recorded a clear recovery in the cosmetic industry. The cosmetics sector is becoming one of the most promising and dynamic sectors in Turkey. Therefore, the cooperation with the Polish-Turkish Chamber of Commerce in the field of Slavic B2Beauty is extremely important for the Kielce exhibition center!
21 september 2021
Kazakhstan is Poland's most important partner in Central Asia, and the fourth largest export-import market in the East. Such a business partner of contracting Slavic B2Beauty organizers could not get past! The cooperation between Targi Kielce and PKCCI means new fields for business development.
24 august 2021
France is one of the most important markets for the cosmetics industry. The Slavic B2Beauty - contracting B2B event's organisers have therefore established cooperation with Direction France, which will prosper for buyers interested in Slavic cosmetics and care products