SLAVIC B2BEAUTY (18-19.06.2024)

3rd Contracts for the cosmetics and pharmaceutical industry.

The event will begin in

A boost kick-off for cosmetics companies which intend to go global. 

slavic-2023-strona-01.jpg [135.98 KB] Over a thousand business meetings brought together producers and buyers from different corners of the world. Two day-show offered a pre-determined schedule. This scheme is Slavic B2Beauty's competitive advantage over all other events held in the Polish cosmetics industry's arena. A proven format yields results; business cooperation declarations. The expo formula attracts an increasing number of entrepreneurs from three continents. The third show is held on 18 and 19 June, this is the matchmaking event for merchants from Poland and abroad. For the first time, exhibitors will also be able to invite their own contractors and finalise contracts at Targi Kielce exhibition and congress centre. The novelties galore also include a zone dedicated to hemp and herbal products.    

The Slavic B2Beauty contracting show for the cosmetics and pharmaceutical industry has gained increased recognition, not only in Poland, but also outside. The event held in June in Targi Kielce welcomed delegates who learned about the companies' offer; Poland, the Czech Republic, Ukraine, Bulgaria, Italy and Singapore were represented. Each exhibitor held business talks with buyers from Asia and the Middle East, Africa, and Europe. Representatives of retail chains, supermarkets and drugstores, manufacturers, and wholesalers were largely represented at the show;  a significant part of the delegates represented large companies, ranked among the leaders in the sale of cosmetics in their countries. The Targi Kielce Congress Centre's event hosted entrepreneurs from almost 30 countries.

- The format meets our needs. We had a full schedule; the agenda was packed with talks with of dozen entrepreneurs. We had the chance to present to them the products we want to export. This possibility is valuable to us - emphasised Krzysztof Kępa, export manager from the Polish company Ava - Laboratorium. – We can talk about the concrete effects of these talks some six months after the meeting. The launch of products onto the new market takes place as early as 2024. This is how long the procedures take.

slavic-2023-strona-02.jpg [129.63 KB] The manager's opinions have been rooted in practice. Business meetings held at the first Slavic B2Beauty in 2022 resulted in several exhibitors' establishing cooperation with companies from Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Algeria and Israel. These relations will bear fruit in 2023.  

Numerous exhibitors of the 2023 show are awaiting the effects of the declaration made during the meeting. - Kenya, Kyrgyzstan and Georgia are new target markets for us today. Entrepreneurs from these countries visited our expo stand, interested in perfumes and creams. The relations promise to bloom - said Elżbieta Oleksiewicz-Pilucik, export manager from the Polish company Miraculum.

Unique products showcased at Slavic B2Beauty hit the new markets.

Many buyers attending the recent event also emphasised their satisfaction with the talks;  they pointed out that one can hold many meetings, but one of them will become a springboard for further close relations.   – Owing to participation in 2022's contracting show, we are now in the process of introducing a new product to my company's offer. This made me come here again in 2023. It is worth coming here to find one, but the unique product - says Asher Cohen, importer of professional cosmetics lines from Israel, representative of Proshop.

Eason Yahn Yangh from the Yifei in Shanghai pointed out that he makes attempts to introduce many products from the exhibitors' offers to the Chinese market. – I was particularly interested in collagen from the LyoFarm company in Kielce – he admitted. Other Asian buyers were considering the possibility of selling products online during the event.

Novelties at Slavic B2Beauty 2024. The event is open to Polish merchants

slavic-2023-strona-03.jpg [149.22 KB] - We are delighted to observe foreign entrepreneurs' growing interest. The event has been appreciated and considered valuable for the industry in many countries. We also receive an even greater number of calls informing that Polish buyers are willing to participate in the contracting show. The third unveiling is open to them - says Joanna Marcjan, deputy director of the Trade Fair Department at the Kielce exhibition and congress centre.  - This new development also offers the opportunity for exhibitors to expand their sales market in Poland. Bearing this in mind, we are introducing another novelty.

Exhibitors of the 2024 Targi Kielce's show are offered the opportunity to invite contractors with whom they have already cooperated or would like to establish relations.  – The producers have contacted us informing that they would like to agree on details or finalise talks during the show held in our expo centre. The 2024 show makes this possible - emphasises Agnieszka Puchalska, Slavic B2Beauty contracting show manager.

Another novelty at the June event - the zone with hemp and herbal products. – There are many such offers, so we plan to cluster them in one space. The Congress Centre is a perfect presentation arena and a comfortable place to talk shop for all exhibitors and guests- emphasises Agnieszka Puchalska.

The international team works on the contracting show at Targi Kielce

The international character of the event remains its solid foundation; the team of specialists has been working to make Slavic B2Beauty a truly global show. Experts from the Polish Investment and Trade Agency are also involved;  their work resulted in the presence of dozens of buyers from Asia, Europe and Africa. During the contracting show, they offered lectures and discussed the markets of Singapore, China and India in detail. They advised how producers should prepare to make a success and put their products on store shelves in these countries and how to sell via the Internet. PAIH specialists work in various countries looking for entrepreneurs and present them with opportunities to establish cooperation with companies in Poland. Therefore, the third Slavic B2Beauty can be expected to be equally international and thus follow the footsteps of the previous two shows. 

Buyers from three continents will convene for the third Slavic B2Beauty Cosmetics and Pharmaceutical Contracting show at Targi Kielce's Congress Centre on 18 and 19 June.