SACROEXPO (28-30.09.2020)

21st International Exhibition of Church Construction, Church Fittings and Furnishings and Religious Art SACROEXPO

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oferta branży sakralnej na targach sacroexpo w kielcach

The 21st SACROEXPO goes down in history!

The three-day religious and spiritual meeting and the halls of Targi Kielce filled with the offer of the 128 exhibitors from 7 countries. 

 This year's SACROEXPO attracted 2,500 guests. The unique exhibitions and inspiring, knowledge-packed meetings complemented the expo agenda.

A comprehensive and all-inclusive church industry offer

The SACROEXPO visitors had the opportunity to see the diverse offer of companies from Poland, the United States, Slovenia, Ukraine, Croatia, Italy and the Czech Republic. In addition to products and cutting-edge solutions dedicated to churches and religious buildings, there were also high-quality devotional items and unique artistic creations.  Sculptures, Byzantine icons, paintings, traditional and modern stained-glass projects as well as hand-decorated glass and crystal products - these are just some of the products the expo visitors had the chance to see at the expo stands. Book lovers were offered a wide range and diversified portfolio of publications and homiletic materials, including prayer books, calendars, the latest popular Catholic titles and many other print-materials promoting Christian values.

targi sakralne w kielcach


The pilgrimage and tourist offices presented the latest brochures, catalogues and excursion offer complemented with numerous competitions which could win very attractive prizes for participants. This year's trade show featured the lottery for all consecrated persons held at the Franciscan Tourist and Pilgrimage Office Patron Travels expo stand. A pilgrimage-trip to Rome was the main prize. The lottery saw four winners.

Awards and Distinctions for Exhibitors

The tradition of the SACROEXPO is to recognise the most impressive solutions and products put on show - the winners were presented awards and medals. The winners list expanded to include  ŠKRABL ORGLARSTVO from Slovenia for the attractive and modern style of the expo presentation, SG ŻELEŃSKI, Krakow Stained Glass Studio for the innovative, elegant and comprehensive fair presentation, ART10.PL Monika Frątczak-Rodak Design from Łódź for the architectural reconstruction of the presbytery of Mateusz the Evangelist Church in Dawidy Bankowe, CHARISTIA Bakery for a special edition of engraved matrices and baked Christmas wafers with Polish Christmas carols, Prima Porta Antiquities Gallery from Warsaw for endeavours to re-use historic buildings for religious purposes, the CREO Engineering from Szczekociny for the heating system and Metaloplasty from Siedlce for the book "The old-times boiler making- workshops and products" author by Bernard Nowakowski,  Poligraf Publishing House.

The Medals of Honour:  the Medal of HE Primate Senior Rev. Cardinal Józef Glemp, Primate of Poland, Rev.  Archbishop  Wojciech Polak and the Honorary Award of HE Bishop of Kielce Rev.  Jan Piotrowski:  Krakow Stained Glass Studio SG ŻELEŃSKI LLC for the "POLONIA" Stained Glass project designed by Wyspiański, the ABA CUPRUM Artistic Craft Workshop from Ciechocinek for the idea of making the Icon of the Mother of God of Częstochowa and the Golden Votive Rose, and the RC Publishing House from Stefanów for the documentation of historic religious buildings in 3D technology complemented with a mock-up.

Expo stands earned the distinction of the Archbishop of Przemyśl and Gorlice

On the second day of SACROEXPO, the Orthodox Archbishop of Przemysl and Gorlice His Excellency Paisjusz presented the distinctions to exhibitors in recognition of their contribution to religious life. The most honoured and reverend Paisjusz thanked all participants of the event for their presence: - Cordial God Bless you for being here with us. Today's God Bless is remarkable in its nature. God Bless for showing no fear - said the Orthodox Archbishop of Przemyśl and Gorlice the Most Reverend Paisjusz. The five awarded companies list includes AGAT, Felczyńskich Bell Foundry, Byzantine Icons, Dąbrowski Brothers and ABA Cuprum.

sakralia na targach sacroexpo w kielcach

Unique jubilees

This year's SACROEXPO edition coincided with the exceptional anniversaries.  The Charistia Bakery celebrated its 50th anniversary and prepared a special edition of engraved matrices for baking wafers on this occasion. The "Rafael" Publishing House celebrated its 20 years in business, and the Conference of Men's Orders Superiors has cooperated with Targi Kielce for a decade and has thus committed to organising the SACROEXPO Exhibition.

Unique exhibitions and displays

The church and religious industry trade fairs have always been complemented by unique, thematic exhibitions and knowledge-packed meetings. The list included  The "Fortis in Fide.  Strong in faith" exhibition dedicated to Cardinal Stefan Wyszyński, organised by the Diocesan Museum in Kielce and a panopticon of antique objects, combined with the lecture on  "The Times of Christ Encapsulated in Ancient Objects of Everyday Use" organised by the PRIMA PORTA Antiquities gallery.

 The Per Artem ad Deum Medal - Through Arts to God  -

The SACROEXPO tradition is a gala ceremony, the stage to recognise the winners of the award granted since 2005 by the Pontifical Council for Culture - Per Artem ad Deum  Exceptionally, this year's gala was combined with the opening ceremony of the religious industry trade fair.

The laureates fellowship has been expanded to include Paweł Łukaszewski for "for composing creativity and the quest for religious music essence ", late  Jerzy Skąpski for "For the work which translates the vision into artistic forms" and Leszek Sosnowski for "for Polish literature development enhancement, including the publication of a multi-volume series of books presenting the history of St. John Paul II Pontificate".  The expo visitors had the opportunity to see the works of the laureates in a specially arranged zone. The exhibition featured, inter alia, Paweł Łukaszewski's records available at the DUX Publishing House's expo stand, design-boards and works of late  Jerzy Skąpski, the 27-volume series "The History of John Paul II's Pontificate", edited by Leszek Sosnowski.

wyposażenie dla kościołów na targach branży sakralnej sacroexpo w kielcach

Knowledge dissemination meetings during SACROEXPO

This year's religious industry festival included problem-focused, thematic meetings and conferences. One of them was the "Culture in the Times of Pandemic" discussion panel on various dimensions of culture and art affected by the Covid-19 pandemic.  Representatives of various fields attended the meeting:   Krzysztof Gąsior - head of the Department of Psychology, Jan Kochanowski University, Bogna Kietlińska from the Department of Culture Research Methods at the University of Warsaw, Ewa Lubacz - an actress at the Kubuś Puppet and Actor Theater, Rev. Jan Oleszko SAC - Vice-Rector of the Church of St.  Karol Broneusz in Karczówka and Bożena Szczypiór - vice-mayor of Kielce. The meeting was organised by the WESOŁA54 Pastoral Centre and the Regional Centre for International Debates in Kielce.

SACROEXPO agenda also included the meeting for the Secretaries and Provincial Economy Officers of the Orders in Poland and an open thematic session for administrators of religious buildings. 

The expo in the musical notes background

Music is an integral part of the SACROEXPO Exhibition,  this year's edition was the occasion only hear the high-pitch sounds of the church organ, but also watch a concert of choirs and musical ensembles: the Garrison Choir from Kielce, Gospel Joy Choir from Poznań and the Academic Choir of the Kielce University of Technology.

Despite the difficulties everyone is facing now, the presence of exhibitors and visitors offers the organisers strength and impulse to act, motivation to create the future of the religious industry and refine the SACROEXPO Exhibition - the festival which is a joint celebration for all of us.

We look forward to seeing you from 14 to 16 June 2021 at the next upcoming International Exhibition of Church Construction, Church Fittings and Furnishings and Religious SACROEXPO!

We suggest following the rich and diversified offer of exhibitors available in the shopping arcade.


29 september 2020
For over 15 years, the SACROEXPO - the International Exhibition of Church Construction, Church Fittings and Furnishings and Religious has been accompanied by a lottery for all clergy persons. The lottery can win you a pilgrimage trip
29 september 2020
The Orthodox Archbishop of Przemyśl and Gorlice, the Most Reverend Paisjusz presented awards to exhibitors who were appreciated for their contribution to religious life. These accolades were presented at Targi Kielce
29 september 2020
An open thematic session for church and religious buildings administrators is one of the events accompanying the SACROEXPO. The meeting was prepared by the Interreligious Cooperation Forum, the Conference of Men Congregations Superiors in Poland, in conjunction with TUW PZUW and Targi Kielce
28 september 2020
The church and religious industry celebration is accompanied by problem-focused meetings and valuable discussions. For ten years Targi Kielce has hosted meetings designed to train and educate religious secretaries and economy officers.
28 september 2020
This year's Sacroexpo saw the presentation of the Per Arte Ad Deum awards already for the 16th time. The winners list included the names of Paweł Łukaszewski, Jerzy Jan Skąpski and Leszek Sosnowski
28 september 2020
The opening of this year's Sacroexpo was pretty unusual - the guests were welcomed, the Targi Kielce awards were presented, and the PER ARTEM AD DEUM awards were awarded for the 16th time. All this during one ceremony
28 september 2020
The International Exhibition of Church Construction, Church Fittings and Furnishings and Religious Art SACROEXPO is held in Targi Kielce dor 21st time. This year's expo brings together nearly 180 companies from Poland, Italy, Slovenia, Ukraine, Croatia, the Czech Republic and the United States
25 september 2020
For a decade, the cooperation between the Conference of Men's Orders Superiors, the Targi Kielce Management Board and the organisers of the International Church Construction and Equipment Exhibition has been thriving
24 september 2020
iThe SACROEXPO Exhibition has been the place to present the Medal of the Pontifical Council for Culture, invariably, since 2005. The accolade is awarded to outstanding artists who use their art to bring people closer to God. This year, three various fields of art representatives are awarded.
23 september 2020
The journalist can collect their ID already during the SACROEXPO
10 july 2020
Milk candies with a soft, stringy filling - this is how you can define one of the most popular and most liked sweets - the fudge. Following every previous years' example, Fudges for God will mark their presence at the 21st SACROEXPO.
10 july 2020
More than 120 companies have already declared their participation in this year's SACROEXPO. A wide range of devotional products, an unusual atmosphere and the religious and spiritual character of the meeting - these are just some of the elements that make the church business sector's celebration industry at Targi Kielce genuinely unique.
07 july 2020
An intuitive administrator’s panel, a wide range of products at special, discount prices and the latest industry developments - these are just a few of the advantages offered by the newly created shopping arcade.
06 july 2020
In September 2012, Ennio Morricone, a world-famous composer, creator of brilliant film music and conductor was pronounced the Per Artem ad Deum medal laureate. Such legend’s farewell is a great loss for the global music milieus
10 june 2020
This year's Corpus Christi is unique because it is rooted in a very long history. This year marks a great jubilee in Poland. The Solemnity of the Most Holy Body and Blood of Christ has been celebrated in the Catholic Church on Thursday, the eleventh day after the Pentecost
15 may 2020
Henryk Jagodziński is a priest who comes from the Małogoszcz parish. Fr Jagodziński has been appointed the Apostolic Nuncio in Ghana and titular archbishop of Limosano by Pope Francis. This is the first such distinction for a priest who originally comes from the Kielce diocese
06 april 2020
The coronavirus epidemic continues - as the result the Programmers Group and the Profeto foundation have designed and created a completely free platform which whose objective is to support local stores . "Buy from the Locals" offers the safe shopping possibility
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