3rd Fair of Recycling of Non-Ferrous Metal RECYKLING


The third edition of the RECYKLING expo culminates in success

Targi Kielce - the third-time meeting arena for recycling specialists

The RECYKLING expo complements the "Industrial Autumn in Targi Kielce" cycle -the expo cluster comprises the industry-leading METAL expo complemented with ALUMINUM & NONFERMET and début HEAT TREATMENT EXPO.  The third edition of the non-ferrous metals recycling expo was held from 25 to 27 September 2018 - it again proved very popular among both exhibitors and visitors.

The RECYKLING expo in Targi Kielce product and service range encompasses, inter alia; recycling of all non ferrous metal types, including copper, zinc, lead and light metals as well as precious and critical metals in addition to all secondary metals contained in scrap materials, reusable and waste materials, semi-finished goods, sludge and others. 

The 3rd Recycling of Non-Ferrous Metal Fair RECYCLING was one-stop-shop for scrap-metal processing companies, recycling machines producers and suppliers complemented with ecological means of transport providers. Ecological protection means as well as control and measurement equipment were also presented.  The exhibition stands were the showcase for technologies designed for secondary materials, waste, scrap metals and other reusable material separation and processing preparation in addition to pyrometallurgy and hydrometallurgy processing, machines, appliances and means of transport, metallurgy processing plants, foundries and casting houses, cutting-edge products and technologies, energy for processes, heat recovery, recycling logistics and economics.

RECYKLING 2018 in Kielce attracted the best specialists from Poland and abroad. The three-day Targi Kielce Industrial Autumn was visited by almost 4.000 guests. The expo events were showcased on almost 10,000 m2.  It was a record edition of the "Industrial Autumn...", The visit of several hundred participants of the 73rd   World Congress of Foundry contributed to this high attendance. WGC was held parallel in Krakow as a simultaneous event to METAL. HEAT TREATMENT. ALUMINUM & NONFERMET and RECYCLING. The Congress' participants off-site session featured the best specialists in the foundry and related industries.  

The following edition of industrial expos in Kielce exhibition and congress centre will be held autumn 2020.

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