PLASTPOL (6-8.10.2020)

24th International Fair of Plastics and Rubber Processing PLASTPOL


targi przetwórstwa tworzyw sztucznych plastpol w kielcach

PLASTPOL - a recipe for success in business

From 6 to 8 October Targi Kielce offered an abundance of the latest technologies in plastics and rubber processing and converting. One hundred forty-seven companies from 12 countries marked their presence at this year's PLASTPOL.

Although the exhibition was slightly less impressive than those in previous years, the event still fulfilled its essential function. Plastpol proved to be an effective business platform - the exhibitors have confirmed that the project was justified and in great demand: - We are here first and foremost to show that the company is alive in these difficult times and not afraid to exhibit its products. Targi Kielce seems to have done everything to protect us epidemiology-wise the surveys, decontamination gates area available. The expo centre has done everything in its power. We are to showcase here because I think that without face-to-face business meetings, every industry will perish. There is no chance for other sectors to survive without meetings. Experience exchange, opportunities to show new technologies are a must. Not everything can be shown on the Internet - said Sławomir Malenta, Euro SITEX Polska.

wtryskarki, rozdmuchiwarki, urządzenia do przetwórstwa tworzyw na targach plastpol Traditionally, the production processes were demonstrated live during the expo,  modern processing and converting machines and technological solutions also came in abundance. The companies presented, inter alia:

- a BOY 25E single-component injection moulding machine with the latest Procan ALPHA 4 system with a servo-drive and an integrated robot, built into a safety cage,

- injection unit for the 2nd component BOY 2C XS.  The unit connecting via EUROMAP standard interface. You can create a multi-component injection moulding machine from the injection moulding machine we already have;  the unit is equipped with its own external control,

- HIT - BOY 35E injection moulding machine equipped with the newest Procan ALPHA 4 control system - very intuitive, useful and loved by all customers. This application makes the use of a picker built-in inside the safety cage for picking up ingots. Finished details are segregated, 

- EURO CHILLER cooling system from the GCA series.  One of the smaller units used in the plastics processing 

- servo-hydraulic injection moulding machine BOLE C460, 140 tons clamping force (sold during the PLASTPOL fair). This is the first Chinese construction of this machine with which linear bearings are used, which significantly reduce the resistance to movement of the mould and contribute to its better protection,

- Cartesian robot, the smallest robot from TMA Automation. The robot uses micropalletisation technology, i.e. the robot picks up a detail and puts it back in a programmed manner. The robot on show offers up to 3 kg load capacity. The PLASTPOL expo was used by the company as the showcase for programming three-axis movements concept in such a way that the robot would be able to repeat certain sequences,

- Japanese SCHIMADZU strength testing machine - Autograph AGX-V. The device is primarily used for strength tests of various materials - tensile, compression and basic tests according to European, American and global standards. The machine offers a modern design.

plastik, wyroby z tworzyw sztucznych na targach plastpol These are only some of the innovations the visitors could see at the recent edition of PLASTPOL.

The plastics festival at Targi Kielce is a must-see for many companies whose business profile is associated with the plastics industry.  - We have been a part of Plastpol for 7 years. This is the main trade show we join. We offer our ultrasonic welding devices. This year we have come with our latest development, i.e. two lines for the surgical and protective masks production. I hope that we will be able to attract new customers this year, even though we are in such a difficult situation now - claims Marcin Kiełbasiński - Łukasiewicz Research Institute, Tele and Radio Research Institute.

The BioPlastics zone was a novelty of the 24th International Fair of Plastics and Rubber Processing PLASTPOL which featured biodegradable, compostable and bio-based products.  The expo stand zone attracted the participants' attention because of its wide range of products complemented with consulting, research and certification services. Raw materials, components, additives for bioplastics processing, machines and devices dedicated to the bioplastics sector, media, associations and industry organisations also marked their presence in this zone.

The knowledge-packed meetings were a strong accent of the PLASTPOL;  the Polish Union of Plastics Converters together with PlasticsEurope Polska organised producers, processors and recyclers meeting in online version.

The PLASTECH – INFO Technical Seminar was also a part of the show,  the seminar held on the second day of the trade show, i.e 7 October - this year's event's the motto, and the main focus is "PLASTICS AS ENVIRONMENT AND HUMAN LIFE FRIENDLY MATERIALS". The seminar thematic scope mainly referred to the unfair negative image of plastics. The session objective was to pay attention to the fully responsible and rational use possibilities in the context of existing environmental requirements. Conscious resource management through the appropriate materials, technologies selection and process optimisation, is one of the highlights of the seminar. 

One hundred forty-seven companies from 12 countries (Austria, Czech Republic, Denmark, the Netherlands, Lithuania, Germany, Poland, Serbia, Slovenia, Switzerland, Ukraine and Italy) participated in the meeting.  The 25th PLASTPOL is to be held in 2021.

07 october 2020
The PLASTECH INFO Technical Seminar is one of the accompanying events at this year's PLASTPOL Expo in Kielce
06 october 2020
Following previous years’ example, this PLASTPOL offers meeting space for the plastics industry insiders
06 october 2020
The unique Plastpol has just started; the exhibition originally planned to be held in May, gathered 147 exhibitors from 12 countries. Representatives of companies from Austria, the Czech Republic, Denmark, the Netherlands, Lithuania, Germany, Poland, Serbia, Slovenia, Switzerland, Ukraine and Italy will present their offer to visitors from all over Europe at the three days' trade fair
05 october 2020
The company's objective is to support industry development through professional technical consultancy and modern technology and machine solutions. The company offer is a must-see at this year's PLASTPOL - the International Fair of Plastics and Rubber Processing
01 october 2020
PLASTPOL - International Fair of Plastics and Rubber Processing - how to get your press accreditation?
29 september 2020
The online seminar will complement the standard edition of this year's International Fair of Plastics and Rubber Processing PLASTPOL
22 september 2020
Plastoplan, a company specialising in high-quality plastics from leading manufacturers trading, is one of the PLASTPOL exhibitors. The company has been the plastics market player which has implemented the ONE STOP SHOP concept.
22 september 2020
One of the largest and most modern companies in the chemical industry will be one of the PLASTOPOL exhibitors the expo held from 6 to 8 October at Targi Kielce.
21 september 2020
The PLASTECH INFO Technical Seminar is one of the accompanying events at this year's PLASTPOL Expo in Kielce
18 september 2020
The bioplastics and biopolymers market value is currently estimated at USD 10.5 billion. The market goes from strength every consecutive year. This trend has also been recognised by the PLASTPOL expo organisers who stage a special BioPlastics zone at this year's exhibition
26 august 2020
In order to ensure the event's attractive format and sustain the business meetings' intensity, this year's International Fair of Plastics and Rubber Processing is held from 6 to 8 October
28 april 2020
One action more valuable than ten ideas - Emre Yilmaz’s words can briefly summarise the two companies’ spontaneous act which came in aid for Plastics 4 Life campaign. The firms have resolved to give a clear signal to the entire plastic processing industry that working TOGETHER means MORE and BETTER.
23 april 2020
The whole globe has now been facing the precedented scale, size, effects and consequences challenge. Hardly any great mind might have designed or foreseen what has become the actual. No matter how much our lives might changes after the "coronavirus era," what needs to be born in mind is the fact life as such if the greatest and most valuable asset we all share. Life required to be protected in every possible way. This pertains to every human being.
23 april 2020
Contrary to the negative, full-force image campaign designed to tarnish the plastics processing industry’s reputation we have observed in recent months, it is worth drawing all the citizens’ attention to a specific paradox which has demonstrated only recently.
03 april 2020
An ongoing SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus pandemic requires the highest degree caution, Special attention should be paid to the way we buy food. The Polish Union of Plastic Converters calls using food products in tightly-closed packaging in the coming weeks
09 march 2020
The Cluster of Waste Management and Recycling - The National Key Cluster holds the "Packaging for recycling conference - the session is a part of the PLASTPOL programme. Good examples in a circular economy. "
24 february 2020
Rolbatch Academy - a series of trainings which accompany Plastpol, 19 to 22 May at Targi Kielce
24 february 2020
This year's International Fair of Plastics and Rubber Processing PLASTPOL, welcomes industry-related journalists who pay a visit to the Targi Kielce event
24 january 2020

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