The culinary shows as a part of the 2nd Ecological Products Exhibition ECO-STYLE - a part of SLOW LIFE. Unique bread based on a traditional recipes will be made in front of the visitors’ eyes

Traditional rye bread
Traditional rye bread

Annual  Ecological Products Exhibition ECO-STYLE  is a real magnet for healthy-nutrition aficionados.  It comes as no surprise -   dishes and products made during the event combine  tradition spiced with a pinch of modernity.

The unique multi-generational recipes and unparalleled tastes are the bread characteristic features. Come and taste it at the  SLOW LIFE.

Rye bread with grains made according to  traditional recipes  based on natural sourdough and baked in a ceramic oven -  this taste has been appreciated at numerous competitions, including "Our Culinary Heritage - Tastes of the Regions" at the 18th Masovian Agricultural Days in Poświętne in 2017  and the  TASTE OF THE YEAR in the "Bakery Products" category at the Tastes Festival in Gruczno 2019. Ths is where the bread came first in the ranking - its genuine values and uniqueness were thus recognised.

In 2017, the bread  was awarded the Marshal of the Mazowieckie Province award  for the best food producers.  It was pronounced the  best product of the year in the "bakery" category.  The bread has also been nominated for  the 25th National Program for the Promotion of Polish Products AGRO POLSKA .

The events cluster under the  SLOW LIFE  banner is a combination of the  4 related events: The Fair of Rural, Agricultural and Active Tourism AGROTRAVEL & ACTIVE LIFE - the bosom of nature rest, delicacies which you adore, active free-time and weekends ideas and Polish spots, II Ecological Products Exhibition ECO-STYLE- eco products: food, cosmetics, cleaning products, 8th International Artistic Handicrafts Exhibition. HANDMADE- unusual products from Polish crafts artists and 4th International Health and Beauty ExpoHEALTH & BEAUTY- health and beauty one-stop-shop.

The featured guest of the event -  Mela Koteluk, November 30  marks her stage performance - a charming session has been designed to explain what the  SLOW LIFE philosophy is. 

We look forward to seeing you in Targi Kielce on 30 November and 1 December 2019.  One ticket admits to all events.


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