Length - 4 m, diameter - 230 mm, takeoff weight - 150 kg. Maximum acceleration - 110 m/s. This unbelievable 100% Polish-made rocket can be seen on display on June 21 at Targi Kielce's International Drone Event - annual

The "Amber" rocket is one of the interesting exhibits of the International Drone Event - annual
The "Amber" rocket is one of the interesting exhibits of the International Drone Event -

ILR-33 "Amber" rocket is a flagship project of Center of Space Technologies of the Institute of Aviation in Warsaw  developed within the scope of the Institutes core business. The programme's main goal is to demonstrate the possibility to elevate and safely bring back the payload up and off the altitude exceeding 100 km. As the result, the Institute has developed a completely Polish product which is possibly much more economical and easily accessible platform for microgravity conditions research and in-flight research for bodies in a ballistic curve.

The IDEa  expo  in Targi Kielce showcases the ILR-33 "Amber" rocket; it features a two-stage construction in which the first, parallel stage comprises two boosters for solid propellant.   The main stage is powered by an innovative hybrid engine that utilizes concentrated hydrogen peroxide (HTP 98% +)  The rocket is equipped with the on-board computer. A dedicated onboard computer ensures correct mission implementation, registration . A three-stage system to recover the payload compartment and the onboard computer once the indicated altitude is reached.

The Institute of Aviation joins the IDEa , the presentation of the Drone Destruction System"Sudil-1" will be a part of the expo presentation.  This system is a multi-rotor platform developed to combat the dangers posed by unwanted drones' presence. The main features of the solution - the unwanted drone neutralisation possibility when in the air. A mesh net is ejected from the ejector and then the object is towed to a designated place. Alternatively, once captured the object can be lowered to the ground in a gentle manner with the use of a parachute. The SUDIL-1 system offers an additional unique feature - operator support system in interception missions which offers manoeuvring automation


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