The last day of the Defence Trade Show in Targi Kielce, i.e. September 7 was marked with the gala awarding ceremony. The Defender awards, the special distinctions and special prizes for the MSPO and International Logistics Fairs LOGISTYKA exhibitors were bestowed


The International Defence Industry Exhibition follows the many-year tradition to present the Defender Awards, Special Honours of the Minister of National Defence and the most important Award - of the President of the Republic of Poland Prize for the product best serving the purpose of enhancing Polish Army soldiers’ safety. The Research and Development Centre  for Maritime Technology in Gdynia was bestowed the accolade for the SCOT - ship battle management system

The 2018 DEFENDRER statuettes were presented to:

- Aviomet LLC  Research and Production Company from Warsaw for the RSSA BAR radio theodolite atmosphere observation system

- TELDAT LLC   Sp.K., from Bydgoszcz for SWD C3IS JAŚMIN

-  PCO S.A. from Warsaw for the optoelectronic modernization set for the LEOPARD 2A4 tank  

-  Air Force Institute of Technology in Warsaw for the SZ RP-TURAWA-MATS -  the ICT system designed to support proactive flight safety management in air traffic control service

-  ARPOL Professional Tools LLC from Osielsk for the container repair workshop equipment  

- the consortium of  Jarosław Dąbrowski Military University of Technology  from Warsaw - leader; the Air Force Institute of Technology from Warsaw; MSP Marcin Szender from Warsaw for TP-1- air shields system for flying-target shooting accuracy

-  Mesko SA, Skarżysko-Kamienna - leader; Military Institute of Armament Technology from Zielonka for M-21 FENIKS HE missile

- the consortium of   of: Jarosław Dąbrowski  Military University of Technology from Warsaw, Polish Naval Academy from Gdynia,   PIT-RADWAR S.A. from Tarnów leader for 35mm Naval Armaments System (OSU-35)

-  LUBAWA S.A. from Ostrów Wielkopolski for a lightweight, flame-retardant and shrapnel-proof coverall

- Advanced Protection Systems LLC from Gdbyia for CTRL+SKY- the multi-sensor drones detection and neutralization system


This year's MSPO edition also saw the debute-award presented by the Minister of Entrepreneurship and Technology for the Best Polish Arms Exporter. Mrs. Jadwiga Emilewicz resolved to award in this year's Special Award ex aequo to two companies, which obtained the same highest scores - "NITRO-CHEM" Chemical Work SA from Bydgoszcz and  WB Electronics S.A  / WB from Ożarów Mazowiecki.

The award of the President of the Targi Kielce Management boars was presented for the second time - the Prometheus - the undetectable Dronoid with dispersive coating was recognised this year.

The awards of the Commanders of Services subordinate to the Minister of Interior and Administration were also granted.  The Commander in Chief of the Border Guards' Distinction  - Border Guards Laurel   was presented to WB-FLYTRONIC SA, Gliwice  for FLYEYE OBSERVATION SYSTEM  The Police Commander In Chief Distinction  was presented for the Polish Police most friendly product - LUBAWA SA from Ostrów Wielkopolski for  concealable  vest "MARS" were recognised with this year’s accolade.  

The gala ceremony was also the occasion to present awards and distinctions of the Inspectorate of Support for the Armed Forces. The award in the "Training" category went to the Lthe Logistics Training Centre from Grudziądz.  FOR: JELCZ 442.32 training system for technical service specialists.  The second prize in the "Innovativeness" category was presented to the 4 Regional Logistics Base in Wrocław  for: 250GD Mercedes vehicle adaptation to the ZWD-WOLF version.

The Special Distinctions the Inspectorate of Support for the Armed Forces also honoured:

 - 3  Regional Logistics Base from Krakow for: the internal maintenance unit for aircraft turbine engines

 - 2  Regional Logistics Base from Warsaw for the MP5 and MP6 masks tightness verification station

- 1 Regional Logistics Base from Wałcz for the stand for the HIFIST turret system with a 30 mm cannon

- 10 Regional Logistics Base from Opole for: refilling station for DEUGRA fire protection system for the LEOPARD 2A4 tanks

- 10 Regional Logistics Base from Opole  for: adaptation of the ADR diagnostic and repair equipment on the STAR 1466 chassis

The Territorial Defence Forces Commander's Award was also presented at the MSPO 2018 gala - this time the Maskpol S.A. Protection Equipment Company from Panki  was recognised for its  DROMADER - an integrated system for weapons and equipment transfer

The Main Prize of the  General Command of Branches of Armed Forces in the Best Presentation – the Best Expo Stand category in recognition of the most interesting presentation at the Armed Forces Exhibition at MSPO Kielce 2018 was presented to the Inspectorate of the Air Force of the General Command of Branches of Armed Forces.  A distinction was also awarded for 1st Pomeranian Logistics Brigade from Bydgoszcz

The Special Accolade of the Minister of National Defence went to the Rosomak Joint Stock Company from Siemianowice Śląskie, WB ELECTRONICS from Ożarów Mazowiecki (sub-contractor) for the KTO 8x8 system-platform based command vehicle


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