Sows and piglets feeding novelties from POLNET


POLNET offers comprehensive  livestock buildings equipment , comprehensive drying and storage facilities as well as a wide range of veterinary products.

SWING automatic feeder  - AD LIBITUM feeding for sows

The device biggest advantages - no-loss system, increased consumption and stress-free feeding of sows.  For sows in the farrowing pen, the animal eats when and how much it wants because the feed is available 24 hours a day.  Feed losses have been reduced, the animal receives small portions of fresh food that are available easily reactive trigger.  SWING is adapted to different types of feed. It offers a simple and robust construction.

SELFIE FEEDER - sow feeding management

SELFI FEEDER allows you to manage sows feeding when in loose groups.  A large number of feeding stations depending on the size of the herd. This solution reduces waiting time, reduces nutrition-related stress and makes it easier to pair sows. Each station is equipped with an antenna that recognizes each sow (sows are identified by means of ear tags), as well as a level sensor that controls the amount of feed fed.  The sow, which has access to feeding station enters one and is thus isolated from the rest of the animals by means of an automatic back gate. The RFID antenna recognizes the electronic chip the animal wears  and  distributes feed according to  the feeding plan. The next measurement takes place immediately after the sensors detect the empty trough. The process continues until the total daily diet intake is reached.  The feed distribution is adapted to the individual needs of each sow (no losses).

PRIME - automatic milk machine called "second mother for piglets"

 First fully automated feeder for piglets in forrowing crate which dispenses warm milk freshly prepared.  Designed to rescue piglets when sow has problem with lactation. Dedicated for 16 piglets Dispenses milk and blended feed with water for better transition from milk to fixed feed.  Frequent feeding in small portions. Milk and feed temperature distributed at the same temperature as the sow’s milk.  Level sensor in the trough prevents from overdosing - no feed wasted.


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