The child products and services business sector expo held on February 20-22 at Targi Kielce, includes the special Board Games and Retro Toys Zone. This is the place to have a closer look at the Bazyliszek, King Popiel and Wawel Dragon, to name just a few board games

The Kids' Time 2019 offers the possibility to play bboardgames, including the Pan Twardowski by Granna
The Kids' Time 2019 offers the possibility to play bboardgames, including the Pan
Twardowski by Granna

One of the attractions offered by the organisers of Central and Eastern Europe’s largest children's products and services expo  is the Board Games and Retro Toys Zone. This is one stop shop for industry visitors, opinion-forming media and bloggers - a perfect place to see the latest products from top brands which offer board games. The zone has been designed to "try and test" the latest board-games related projects, including those from Granna:

  • Just like a circus! - this is an arcade game. Players arrange wooden blocks with circus related illustrations on. Our task is to set them according to the instructions on the card. The first player to have seven cards in front of them is the winner.
  • The Basilisk -  the game from the "Polish Legends" series. Perceptiveness and memory skills are the game’s main objectives. Children must remember the appearance of the rooms and find their mirror images.
  • Gangster City -  this board game has been designed for deduction lovers and fans of detective puzzles. The game teaches how to analyse data and build assumptions by elimination. The game requires focus and develops deductive skills. You can also play the game on your own too!
  • King Popiel -  Another unveiling in the unique series devoted to the most important Polish legends.  The game’s rules are based on the legend. The game teaches how to concentrate and find the most advantageous solutions.  
  • Monster Park -  players take the role of the director at the newly created monsters park. You have to buy cards which feature creatures which fly in the air, walk on the ground or live underwater. Wise budget management guarantees your success at winning the Monster Park demonstrated by the queue tourists from around the world.
  • The Pan Twardowski  -  the game from the "Polish Legends" series.  Pan Twardowski is base on deduction. The game includes the pictures of the inn. Players’ task is to indicate which element has changed. If you succeed, you will learn more about the wizard's real appearance.
  • The Wawel Dragon -  add or remove elements from the dragon figurine to tilt it until the beast muzzle face submerges in the Vistula River. The game offers sky-rocketing emotions. Finally the dragon is defeated and the King Krak’s court may breathe a sigh of relief. A simple mechanism allows you to develop different strategies.  Observe the dragon figure’s behaviour, remove or add elements and analyse information.
  • The Socks - players try to collect 4 pairs of coloured socks as soon as possible. The cards must match the chosen character's suit.  The game participants’ task is to find pairs of socks which had got lost in the washing.
  •  Sztama! - at first glance, Sztama! is a fairly simple family card game. However, the educational and ecological themes dominate dominate the game. The game employs the set collection mechanics and a touch of push your luck.
  • A Secret Agent -  a quiz and party game - two in one. One of the players takes on the role of an agent and chooses the country to hide in. Other players are detectives who try to determine the whereabouts of the agent. They use question cards for the purpose.  The one who outmanoeuvres all the others is the game winner.


The Targi Kielce KIDS’ TIME is a B2B event cut out for the child products and services business sector. 18 YEARS OLD + admitted.

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