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Zbigniew Andrzejewski talks about personalised elegies

Writing a good funeral elegy is not easy
Writing a good funeral elegy is not easy

The funeral ceremony character should be aligned with the departed person’s character. The funeral services market has been growing intensively, personalization of funeral elegies has gained an increasing popularity.

- Writing a good funeral elegy is not easy  If a family member reads one - this is a simpler matter. It is difficult to find a person who has experience in reading liturgical texts or public presentations. Usually, the closest ones’ mental state prevents them from both writing and reading farewells.  You need composure and self-control. - informs the specialist, Zbigniew Andrzejewski  on his website - The author joins the NECROEXPO and talks about the secrets of writing personalized elegies.

- This is your choice, whether the memory of the deceased will be a ready-made talk snatched from the internet, one that follows a single pattern, just like any other elegy. If you think that the person who died deserves an individual approach and a unique speech addressed specifically to that person - you decide otherwise. - adds the trainer.

We encourage you to participate in the event.  Below we present an example funeral elegy  by Zbigniew Andrzejewski. 


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