Tuesday evening, May 8 was the time to present distinctions and medals ofr product showcased at the Autostrada Polska, MASZBUD and ROTRA expos. The most spectacular expo stands were also appreciated. The Targi Kielce Board also recognised the companies that celebrated their jubilees.


Andrzej Mochoń PhD. upon the gala opening emphasised the expos importance for the construction industry - We give you the opportunity to discuss the condition of road-business companies. We have been with you and we have experienced good but also bad market moods hand in hand with you - emphasized the Targi Kielce President when recalling the debate with Deputy Minister Marek Chodkiewicz. The member of the jury panel at the AUTOSTRADA POLSKA, MASZBUD and ROTRA emphasized the high level of innovativeness observed in the road construction business sector, This cutting edge development was reflected by the products which were competing for targi Kielce distinctions.

The AUTOSTRADA POLSKA expo distinctions were presented to Westrand Depollution Marek Szatkowskiski in recignition for the company's Airhitone CM5 P gas neutralising formulation.  The Targi Kielce medals were awarded to Wirtgen Polska (for its VÖGELE MT 3000 - 2i OFFSET material feeder), Saferoad RRS Polska (for the MEGARAIL BK bridge barrier) and Brigade Electronics Polska (for the vision system which ensures dead zones elimination - Brigade Select 3600).

The commitee chaired by the President of Targi Kielce, Andrzej Mochoń PhD.  also appreciated the originality of the exhibition renderings.  The distinction was awarded to KGHM METRACO, PORFIR AND DIABAZ KOPALNIE, NYNAS, TOTAL POLSKA, VIACON POLSKA and SAFEROAD RRS POLSKA. LIUGONG DRESSTA MACHINERY, LOTOS ASFALT, TRZUSKAWICA and ORLEN ASPHALTS were awarded with medals.

The Targi Kielce Board also honoured companies which celebrate their anniversary - and there was quite a few jubilarinans.  Birthday wishes and statuettes were presented to the following companies: EFT LLC LP (10 years in business), ONICO SA (10 years in business), SWIMER Łukasz Otremba (10 years in business), SWEPAC POLSKA LLC  (10 years in business), KERSTEN EUROPE LLC  (20 years in business), HYDRARAM Deutschland (25 years in business), Wacker Neuson LLC  (25 years in business), BMP LLC LP K. (25 years in business), JAWO International Trade Wojciech Jachymek (25 years in business), TORUS JELEŃ and NOWAKOWSKI GP (25 years in business), MARKAB (30 years in business), LIUGONG DRESSTA MACHINERY LLC  (60 years in business), Air Force Institute of Technology (65 years in business), Association on of Transport Technicians and Engineers - Kielce Branch (70 years in business), DAF Trucks Polska LLC  (90 years in business), KLINGSPOR Sp LLC  (125 years in business), KÄSSBOHRER (125 years in business), Wacker Neuson Vertrieb Europa (175 years in business).



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