The company's stand is the showcase for the 5-position PROLINE HD head and the 6MSP2 two-stream ejector nozzles


Over 30 years of experience in agricultural machines parts production and strong technological facilities have made it possible for AGROEPLAST to become the undisputed leader among manufacturers of sprayer parts in Poland and Eastern Europe.  

1. 5-position PROLINE HD head

Modern and extremely durable PROLINE HD  5-position head  has been created as a result of many years of research on the head mechanical properties’ impact on the basic spraying parameters, i.e. efficiency and uniformity of the spray liquid distribution expressed with CV.  Innovative technological and material solutions make the head one of the most modern and most advanced available in the market.

• Guarantees perfect spraying uniformity with its most modern positioning mechanism which makes its characteristic "clicking" sound

• Equipped with the membranes and seals system made of Verdesil - an innovative material based on silicone with increased shape memory. This ensures long-lasting and trouble-free operation of the head

• Mechanical damage highly resistant with a specially reinforced copolymer in the head body

2. Two-stream ejector nozzles 6MSP2

The series of 6MSP2  polymer sprays  is a continuation of those remarkably popular  double-nozzle atomizers 6MSC2 - Poland’s only  ceramic sprayers  which have been accredited by the German Julius Kühn-Institut (JKI) research institute.

The 6MSP2 polymer version has been developed for conscious and informed farmers who prosper for precise nozzles with high drift resistance. This is a perfect solution for those farmers who cultivate smaller areas where the use ceramic sprays is not always economically justified.

The two-stream 6MSP2 ejector sprayers are manufactured from a special polymers blend reinforced with inorganic molecules.  This innovative technology reduces atomizers abrasiveness four times, while maintaining the highest spraying parameters.  Thick, aerated drops are generated, thus droplets offer very high drift resistance.  The double fluid stream ensures exceptional uniform spraying coverage and accuracy.

6MSP2 series sprayers are offered in 4 colours which indicates their performance in accordance with ISO 10625:

  •  Yellow - 6MS02P2
  •  Blue - 6MS03P2
  •  Red - 6MS04P2
  •  Brown - 6MS05P2

 We encourage you to visit the company's expo stand at the AGROTECH 2019 Expo.  



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