The award-winning Nordkalk AtriGran fertilizer, recognised with the Dobra Marka [Good Brand] emblem is an effective measure to counteract soil acidification and offer better yields


Nordkalk - the  calcium fertilizers and fodder chalk  producer has released the   lime fertilizer in granulate. AtriGran is the result of collaboration with farmers who care not only about production efficiency, but also about easy transport, storage and use. .

In harmony with nature

The production start was preceded with examinations and tests carried out in cooperation with universities. The objective was to develop a unique granulation technology and selection of an appropriate binder in order enable correct physical and mechanical parameters.  The key condition was to provide organic origin binder. Nordkalk set itself the goal of creating a fully natural and environmental safe fertilizer without any negative on people.

Convenient application

The product is intended not only for farmers but also for growers and gardeners, small and large scale. The product comes in big bags as well as 25 kg bags for retail customers.  The two granule sizes in offer: 1-4 mm and 4-8 mm for various working widths sowing ensure high productivity and  spreading uniformity.  On smaller areal, especially in the Do It Yourself  market, the granules can be easily and quickly spread with the use of  manual spreaders.  Granules for agricultural purposes must meet stringent requirements: on the one hand they should be compacted and hard enough not to fall apart during transport or when in a spreader. On the other hand, after spreading they should quickly disintegrate under the influence of moisture and then dissolve so that they are absorbed in the soil in the most efficient way.

The right reaction is the basis 

The content of calcium carbonate (CaCO3)  in AtriGran granules, CaO re-calculated is 50% +/- 3%. Thus the reactivity is estimated the very high level of 99%.  Thus the product offers a rapid deacidification. This is a great asset whn trying to restore the soil’s right reaction, even if the time is limited, e.g. when growing vegetables  in short vegetation cycles.  The soil reaction is close to neutral and thus positively affects the macroelements management and availability  (nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, sulphur, magnesium, etc.). AtriGran speeds up the  soil humus  formation process and limits the negative impact of toxic heavy metals.  The  fertilizer  mineral-organic composition not only promotes soil fauna and flora development, but also provides compounds that induce many life processes, including young plants growth.


The flexibility of application is a great advantage. AtriGran can be used both regularly and in accordance with the fertilization plan as well as intervention measure whenever needed.  Annual plants  cultivation - the best use is the pre-sowing season outside the vegetation period, from late summer to early spring.  In perennial crops and grasslands, used for top dressing, preferably in late autumn.


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