New Energy - Construction Materials


New Energy - New Construction Materials

24-27 May 2021


Organizer in China:

Department of Commerce of Jiangsu Province


New energy - new construction materials - May 2021 marks the on-line meetings with Chinese producers. Join us - no registration fee required 


Jiangsu Province's Department of Commerce and Tragi Kielce look forward to your participation in the online meetings which bring together representatives of construction materials industry as well as companies that are into new technologies designed for power and energy, and plastics. The event is held on-line from 24 to 27 May. Registration is now open - we look forward to seeing you.

The meeting objective is to create new business-contacts establishment platform which brings together suppliers from the Changzhou province and buyers from Central and Eastern Europe. According to PARP Polish Agency for Enterprise Development, China has extensive trade relations with 220 countries in all corners of the world;  for the first time in history, China has become the European Union member states' largest trading. Interest in importing construction goods from China has constantly been increasing.  Electronics and medical equipment are top-ranking Middle Kingdom's products, most desired by Europeans; however, the list is much more extensive.  New generation, general construction materials have also proven very popular. This group includes solar panels and solar water heaters; nevertheless, the cutting-edge materials is much broader. Floorboards and skirting, door frames and door accessories, complemented with LED lamps, street lighting, construction and furniture films, laminated boards, composite materials and products and many more …

China is one of the largest producers of solar panels, as well as components for panels production; this is worth mentioning in the context of Poland's real boom when it comes to renewable energy sources installations. Therefore, it is worth establishing cooperation with companies from the Middle Kingdom and make the most of the uptrend. This is the business that generates money.

Targi Kielce, the Central and Eastern Europe's rankings runner up, together with the Jiangsu Province's Trade Department, hold an on-line meeting with China's construction industry's manufacturers.  Do you want to establish cooperation with Chinese entrepreneurs? Do you wonder what to start with?  Sign up for the May meeting!  The epidemiological situation has forced us to shift the event to the internet. "New Energy - New Building Materials" sessions' aim is to establish business contacts between building materials suppliers from Jiangsu province with partners from Central and Eastern Europe.

Over 50 Chinese companies have already registered for the event - the list of companies available here.

Register now - no participation fee.

See you at "New Energy - New Building Materials" on-line meetings series held from 24 to 27 May!



Product range:



Solar panels, Solar water heaters


Floors, Skirting boards, Window-frames, Door-frames



Led lamps, Street lights


Foils, Laminated boards, Composite materials and products


Free registration:

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