7th International Funeral and Cemetery Fair NECROEXPO

necroexpo Record-breaking 2017's NECROEXPO -  even larger exhibition space, more exhibitors and visitors

The 7th International Funeral and Cemetery Fair NECROEXPO - Poland and Central and Eastern Europe's most important funeral event.  2017's expo facts and figures - this year it has brought together as many as 111 companies from 12 countries which used 2,700 metres of exhibition space. The expo hosted 1,900 visitors.

The exhibitors list included companies from Italy, Germany, Great Britain, Pakistan, the Netherlands, the USA, Hungary, Romania, Austria, Russia, Spain and Poland. An impressive range of hearses was on show - 24 new models from world-famous brands such as Jaguar, Mercedes, Citroen, Peugeot, Fiat, Volkswagen, Ford and Melex. There was also a vintage, electric-powered hearse. Many of the models on display were sold during the expo. Poland's only Stock Exchange of Used Hearses and Electric Vehicles also generated an avid interest.


Targi Kielce - a comprehensive products and services portfolio which abound with novelties 

Necroexpo is one-stop-shop for the whole business sector - ceremony organization, a wide selection of gravestones ranging from traditional to professional, funeral florist services and many other. Urns which have become more and more popular in Poland were also in demand. The Targi Kielce exhibition was the display for modern urns: biodegradable, used for burials at the sea, onyx and marble ones as well as urns for pets. Visitors were also keen to see glass- urns for the ashes of loved ones, complemented with truly artistic renderings. The bracelet beads urn was one of the special offerings on show. This year's Grave Candles and Lights Exhibition saw the Polish and European première of the Royal Candle -  this does not emit smoke and soot, therefore be used indoors and outdoors. Filled with paraffin oil ensures long-term use. The visitors also appreciated remote-controlled candles whose flame is a true illusion of a real one. The fashion show for funeral parlours staff was one of the expo highlights. Visitors also focused on anatomical bodypainting.


necroexpo NECROEXPO - the professional knowledge pool

NECROEXPO 2017, in addition to the industry novelties presentations, offered a great doze of professional knowledge. All three days of the expo were packed with industry-insiders trainings. There were tanato-cosmetology and funeral marketing sessions. Specialists also introduced the modern software useful for funeral companies. Professional funeral floristry workshops brought together those interested in professional flower adornments. The insurance services for victims of accidents families were also extensively discussed.


Kielce exhibitors' feedback

The NECROEXPO exhibitors complement the event. - We are really satisfied;  we have establishes new business-contacts - said Izabela Żelazko from Melex.- We have even signed a number of contracts.

- The expo was very impressive. We have been for the first time, the Kielce expo has been a very positive experience for us. We have established number of new business contacts" - commented Nazariusz Faluszewski from Funero.

- We have been a part of the Kielce expo right from the very beginning. The trade-show is a great opportunity to meet our customers in person, to conclude business-negotiations. - added Iwona Świtkowska from Hygeco Polska.

- Targi Kielce expo centre is very much to our liking, it satisfies our needs. We have been here every edition - said Aneta Zdyb of Carmen -This year's event has been very successful. We will certainly come to Kielce in 2 years' time.


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