Sept. 6, 2023, 10.30 - 13.30, Omega conference room



The Ministry of Economic Development and Technology together with Targi Kielce S.A. are organising a debate on the transformation of the European Defence Industry as part of the 31st edition of the International Defence Industry Exhibition (MSPO) in Kielce.

The event will be an opportunity to exchange views related to the development of the EU industrial policy and the role of the defence sector, and industrial cooperation, including the development of synergies with the space sector in overcoming economic and defence challenges. The aim of the debate is to indicate a paradigm shift in how to deal with defence capabilities in Europe, after the years of peace and freedom interrupted by the war in Ukraine.

Europe is facing a tremendous challenge, which causes  the need to change the way of thinking and create new solutions for both the armed forces and industry. Many questions arise regarding the security situation, including a technological advantage, defence production in the EU and effective cooperation between the EU and NATO.

Important stakeholders of the European defence sector as well as industry professionals, policy-makers and representatives of academia were invited to participate in the debate. The event will provide a platform for institutional and business leaders to reflect on Europe's defence transformation in the changing security environment.

The debate takes place at a time when strategic activities at the EU level are taken, including the implementation of the Strategic Compass, defence package and main instruments for financing defence research and capability projects at the EDTiB.

The event aims at enhancing cooperation between the administration and industry, including private and public entities, within the priority criteria of the European defence industry.

We invite you to participate in the event.


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Panel I
How has the war in Ukraine influenced the direction and dynamics of the development of the European defence industry?


lepper.jpg [9.33 KB]

Karsten LEPPER, Representative of the German Industry for Defence and Security to the EU (BDI/BDSV)

Karsten LEPPER is Political Scientist working for the Federation of German Security and Defence Industries (BDSV e.V.) and the Federation of German Industries (BDI e.V.)

2014 – CURRENT – Brussels, Belgium

2010 – 2014 – Berlin, Germany

2005 – 2009 – Berlin, Germany

2001 – 2005 – Berlin, Germany


karanko.jpg [71.59 KB]
Tuija KARANKO, Secretary General, Association of Finnish Defence and Aerospace Industries (AFDA)

Ms. Tuija Karanko was appointed Secretary General of AFDA, the Association of Finnish Defence and Aerospace Industries in 2010. AFDA is a non-profit organization representing the interests of the Finnish industries within defence, aerospace and security. AFDA has more than 150 member companies and is part of the Technology Industries of Finland.

Before this position Ms. Karanko had a long career within the Finnish public administration. In her position as a Ministerial Advisor at the Ministry of Defence of Finland her responsibilities included strategic planning, materiel and industrial policy, international relations as well as supervising of projects and procurements.

Prior to that, she worked at the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry where she mainly focused on international relations. During that time, she also served as an exchange civil servant at the Swedish Ministry of Agriculture.

She started her working career at the Finnish Defence Forces already during her studies. She has held several positions at the Joint Command and certain Defence Forces’ agencies dealing mostly with international relations and Finland's participation in NATO’s Partnership for Peace program.

Ms. Karanko has a degree in Political Science from the University of Jyväskylä in 1994. She majored in Political Science. As minor subjects she studied Sociology, Administration and Economics. She has completed many professional courses on defence, armaments and administration. She is a prominent lecturer and speaker at national and international courses and events.

Ms. Karanko is the Head of the Finnish Delegation to NIAG, Nato Industrial Advisory Group. In June 2023 she will take up a position as a member of the Board of Directors of ASD, Aerospace, Security and Defence Industries Association of Europe. She also serves as a councilor of SERA, Session Européenne des Responsables d’Armement.

She was awarded with Medal for Military Merits in 2007 and Knight of the Order of the White Rose of Finland 2019.

Ms. Karanko is interested in politics and in social sciences. Her hobbies include classical singing and coaching competitive cheerleading. She is married, with no children but a proud and happy owner of Pastis, their Boston Terrier.


juodka.jpg [268.03 KB]
Robert JOUDKA, Member of the Board of the Lithuanian Defence and Security Industry Association (LDSIA)

Robert Juodka, law firm “PRIMUS Legal Advisors”

- Attorney at Law
- Managing Partner (International Business), Head of Energy, Infrastructure & Defence
- Certified Independent Board Member
- Chairman of the Board at Polish and Lithuanian Chamber of Commerce
- Member of the Board at Lithuanian Defence and Security Industry Association (LGSPA)

Aside to Robert’s impressive track record in the legal sector and over 23 years of experience in business law managing one of the top-rated law firms in Lithuania, he is also an Active Combat Riflemen at the Lithuanian Riflemen's Union (Lithuanian Volunteer Military Force) and a Member of the Board at Lithuanian Defence and Security Industry Association (LGSPA). Acting as a Chairman of the association’s Legislative Committee he is actively contributing to strengthen the legislative system of the defence industry, promotes defence and security industry and innovation.


sonderskov.jpg [68.38 KB]
Henrik Navntoft SØNDERSKOV, Chief consultant, Danish Defence and Security Industries Association (DIDAS), Confederation of Danish Industry

Henrik Navntoft Sønderskov functions as the chief consultant, in the DI Danish Defence and Security Industries Association, and is part of the delegation of Danish Industry’s participation in NIAG (NATO Industrial Advisory Group).

Henrik Navntoft Sønderskov has been employed in the Danish Defence and Security Industries Association (DIDAS) since 2020.

The association is part of the Confederation of Danish Industry (DI) which is Denmark’s largest employer and business organization representing over 20.000 companies in Denmark.

The Danish Defence and Security Industries Association is global and DIDAS is a part of international cooperation on many levels. The association e.g. represents the industry in AeroSpace and Defence Industry Association of Europe – ASD, the Nordic Defence Industry Cooperation as well as in NATO Industrial Advisory Group (NIAG).

Some of Henrik Navntoft Sønderskov prime areas of focus include space, cyber and emerging and disruptive technologies (EDT), and he is e.g. leading the DIDAS steering groups on EDT and cyber, with representation from both industry and ministerial department. While working for the development of the Danish defence industry Henrik Navntoft Sønderskov also work very closely on strategic level to support governmental security policy, and is thus closely engaged with the ministerial department, Defence command Denmark DCD, Danish Defence Acquisition and Logistics Organization (DALO), Danish Defence Intelligence Service (DDIS) and Centre for Cybersecurity (CFCS).

Prior to his employment in Danish Defence and Security Association Henrik Navntoft Sønderskov has been working 16 years within the Danish Ministry of Defence (MoD) e.g. in DCD with strategic security policy and NATO.

Henrik Navntoft Sønderskov has a background as political sociologist from the University of Copenhagen and has furthermore been attached as external lecturer at the University of Copenhagen Business School (CBS), Department of Management, Society and Communication where he lectures within the areas of strategic communication and defence policy.


bartosiewicz.jpg [38.20 KB]
Adam BARTOSIEWICZ, Vice-president of WB Electronics S.A., Poland

Graduate of the Warsaw University of Technology, Faculty of Electronics (1984) specialising in nuclear and medical electronics. In 1984-2001, research scientist at the Institute of Fundamental Technological Research, Polish Academy of Sciences, co-designer of many devices and measuring technologies. At work, guided by passion and the desire to offer products that go beyond the minimum standards and requirements. Co-author and co-proprietor of numerous patents in Poland, Europe and USA. From 1995 to 2009, CEO of DEBRO UMS, producing unique apparatus for non-destructive testing of stress on railway tracks and rail wheels. He is responsible for the growth strategy, development of technologies and production at WB ELECTRONICS. Member of the Management Board of RADMOR S.A. since 2011.


gotkowska.jpg [327.96 KB]
Justyna GOTKOWSKA, Deputy Director of the Centre for Eastern Studies in Poland

Justyna Gotkowska is Deputy Director and Head of the Security and Defence Department at the Centre for Eastern Studies (OSW), a Polish analytical institute based in Warsaw. She focuses on security and defence policy of Germany, Nordic and Baltic states, as well as on NATO and EU’s Common Security and Defence Policy from regional perspective. Her expertise covers also military cooperation in Central and Northern Europe. Moreover, she comments for foreign media on Polish security and defence policy in NATO and in the EU. She nas been regular participant in multinational research projects, including at Think Visegrad, Estonia's ICDS and Germany's DGAP. She was visiting scholar at the Norwegian Institute for Defence Studies and at the University of the Bundeswehr Munich. She has authored multiple OSW publications and writen about European and regional security for think tanks abroad.



Panel II
EU policy instruments for the development of the defence industry


momot.png [26.18 KB]
Miłosz MOMOT, Head of Unit, EDF Implementation - Defence Systems, Directorate-General for Defence Industry and Space, European Commission

Until 2009, with Trans-European Transport policy unit of DG TREN, in charge of infrastructure funding and public private partnership portfolio of DG TREN.

Between 2009 and 2013, in charge of programme management in infrastructure division of DG ENER. Working on the new guidelines for trans-European energy transmission, Connecting Europe Facility, Southern Gas Corridor and natural gas infrastructure in the Energy Community.

From 2014 until 2019, still in DG ENER, in charge of financial instruments, cooperation with International Financial Institutions, relations with energy investors and leading the negotiations of the Connecting Europe Facility.

Between 2019 and 2022 at DG Internal Market, Industry, Entrepreneurship and SMEs (DG GROW) as deputy Head of Unit for tourism and textiles policies.

As of September 2022, at DG Defence Industry and Space, heading the team in charge of the defence systems and implementation of the European Defence Fund (DEFIS A4).

Previous private sector experience in logistics, process management and wind energy sector. Holds a master degree in logistics management from the Warsaw School of Economics, Poland, and a postgraduate degree in European Business and Law from the Handelshøjskolen i Århus, Denmark.


taal-pieter.jpg [160.46 KB]
Pieter TAAL, Head of Unit Industry Strategy & EU Policies at the European Defence Agency

As of 1 October 2017 Pieter Taal is Head of Unit Industry Strategy & EU Policies at the European Defence Agency. He is responsible for the agency’s initiatives to create an optimal interaction between the developments in European industry and the fulfilment of (future) defence capability needs of the member states. This includes increasingly taking the effects of the policies and instruments of the European Commission into account. The ultimate aim is to contribute to European Autonomy supported by world class and affordable defence capabilities based on a competitive and innovative industry.

In the years before he worked for the Netherlands ministry of Economic Affairs on the national policy for the major institutes for applied research (RTOs) including prioritisation mechanisms for funding of research institutes and universities in order to incentivise more focus on business opportunities while developing research programs and as Commissioner Military Production, responsible for the government policy concerning the development of a competitive defence, technological and industrial base in the Netherlands.


najs.jpg [29.07 KB]
Col. Jacek NAJS, Deputy Director of Defence Innovation Department at the Ministry of National Defence, Poland

Col Jacek NAJS currently serves as the Deputy Director of the Department of Innovation, Ministry of National Defence.

As part of his military service he has dealt mostly with QA, military equipment acquisition, and defense assets management. Col Najs was laying the groundwork for the national system of Essential Security Interest within the scope of military equipment, and was responsible for offset negotiations carried out by the Ministry of National Defence.

Graduated from the Faculty of Electronics at the Military University of Technology in Warsaw, and Faculty of Electrical Engineering of the Szczecin University of Technology. He attended courses at the Naval Postgraduate School in Monterey, CA, and holds also a postgraduate certificate in management from the IESE Business School in Barcelona.

jedrzejak.jpg [464.17 KB]
Rafał JĘDRZEJAK, Unit Manager, External Funds Unit, Department of Strategy and External Funds at PGZ S.A.

Rafał Jędrzejak – is a graduate of the Poznań University of Economics, MBA managerial studies and a graduate of the European Session for Armament Representatives. He has 20 years of experience in implementing EU funds through the implementation of large projects of a strategic nature for the economy. He started working at the Ministry of Regional Development, becoming a co-author of numerous operational programmes. On behalf of Bank Gospodarstwa Krajowego, he built an implementation system for financial instruments replacing subsidy systems. He has been working for the Polish Armaments Group for over four years, as part of which he created a department dealing with obtaining external financing. Currently, he works in the Development Department, where he is responsible for international projects.


namiotko.png [226.51 KB]
Dr Rafał NAMIOTKO, Production and R&D Director, OBR CTM S.A.

Rafal Namiotko, PhD. Eng works at OBR Centrum Techniki Morskiej S.A. (CTM) in Poland in the position of the Production and Development Director. For over 20 years, actively manages and participates in national and international R&D programs and projects implemented for the needs of Polish National Centre for Research and Development, EDA and NATO. Professional activity and scientific leads in the areas of command and control systems, development technologies for maritime protection of critical infrastructure, underwater weapon systems, ship monitoring and minimization of physical fields technologies and electromagnetic compatibility.


samp.jpg [416.38 KB]
Krzysztof SAMP, Director at ITTI (SME), Poland

Krzysztof Samp has over 25 years of experience in telecommunications and IT. Currently, he is vice-president and co-owner of ITTI company, where he works since 1997. He has graduated from Franco-Polish School of New Information and Communication Technologies (EFP), Poland. Moreover, in 2004 he has completed the MBA program run by Helsinki School of Economics.

He contributed to numerous projects funded by European Commission, e.g. 5th, 6th, 7th FP, as well as H2020 and recently Horizon Europe. He took part also in the projects done for the NATO Industrial Advisory Group, European Defence Agency and the European Space Agency, as well as for numerous commercial organisations and public institutions. These projects mainly focused on innovative technologies in the area of IT, telecommunications and security. In the last years he was also involved in the military research projects which were performed under such programmes as: PADR, EDIDP and EDF.

Krzysztof Samp takes also active role in various working groups and sector organisations. For instance, he was a member of board of the Polish Space Industry Association, and a co-chair of the TA2 group in the Integrated Mission Group for Security (IMG-S). Since 2020 he is a vice-chairman of the Council of the Polish Space Agency. He contributed also to expert groups advising European Commission on new R&D work programmes, as well as he is involved in national smart specialisation working group.

He is an author and a co-author of numerous publications and speeches at national and international events and conferences.


terlikowski.jpg [232.80 KB]
Dr Marcin TERLIKOWSKI, Deputy Head of Research Office, the Polish Institute of International Affairs

Marcin Terlikowski, Ph.D, is deputy head of Research Office in the Polish Institute of International Affairs (PISM). Dr. Terlikowski has been defence analyst with PISM since 2007 and led the International Security Programme of PISM between 2013 and 2022. In his research he focuses on military aspects of European and transatlantic security with particular focus on NATO and European Union (Common Security and Defence Policy). He closely follows security, defence and defence-industrial policies of key European states, military and defence-industrial cooperation in Europe and in the transatlantic dimension, including in bi- and mini-lateral formats, as well as the EU’s defence portfolio (PESCO, EDF). He holds Ph.D. in defence economics, earned for an analysis of defence-industrial policy of Europe’s top armament producers (Warsaw School of Economics, 2016), and a Master’s Degree in Strategic Studies based on a research of cyberthreats (Warsaw University, 2007). He speaks fluent English and German.



Panel III
Synergies between defence and space industries


costa.jpg [196.04 KB]
Rodrigo da COSTA, Executive Director at EUSPA - EU Agency for the Space Programme

On 16 October 2020, Rodrigo da Costa took up his duties as Executive Director of the European Union Agency for the Space Programme (EUSPA), formerly the European GNSS Agency (GSA). Prior to this, he was the Galileo Services Programme Manager from March 2017.

EUSPA is an Agency of dedicated EU professionals working for a stronger, more competitive and united European Space Programme, creating synergies between satellite navigation (EGNOS & Galileo), Earth Observation (Copernicus) and secure telecommunications (GOVSATCOM). EUSPA designs and delivers user-centered services working together with the European Commission and a wide range of national, European and international stakeholders, industries and user communities. The EU Space Programme is both a resource and a springboard for the European economy, competitiveness and sustainability.

Before joining EUSPA, Rodrigo da Costa held several senior project management, business development, and institutional key account management positions in the space industry, in the areas of human space flight, exploration, launchers and R&D.

Rodrigo da Costa holds a degree in Aerospace Engineering from the “Instituto Superior Tecnico” in Lisbon, a Master’s degree in Aerospace Engineering from the University of Delft, and an MBA from the EuroMBA consortium of Business Schools.


gorka.jpg [316.31 KB]
Gen. Marcin GÓRKA, Director of Innovation Department, Ministry of National Defence, Poland

Brigadier General Marcin Górka is the Director of Innovation Department in the Ministry of National Defense where he is responsible for military policy in the field of technology developments as well as technology identification and applications in support of national defence and security needs and requirements. His duties also include provision of technology advise and expertise for Ministry of National Defence in the area of space technology developments in his capacity as Minister of National Defense’s Plenipotentiary for Space.

Brigadier General Górka entered the Polish Armed Forces as an officer in 1996 after earning his MSc. Eng. in satellite navigation systems from the Military Academy of Technology in Warsaw. During his first operational assignments, he served as survey engineer, project officer and chief of section mainly introducing satellite downstream solutions to the Polish Armed Forces.

In 2003 he was directed to serve at the General Staff of the Polish Armed Forces (PAF) where he was responsible for overseeing capability development in the area of imagery intelligence including manned, unmanned and satellite systems. In 2005 he was appointed as Operation Enduring Freedom and Iraqi Freedom PAF Liaison Officer in the US CENTCOM.

After four years in this position, Brigadier General Górka was selected for the NATO Command Structure position in the Allied Command Transformation in Norfolk, USA. He was an imagery intelligence SME in the Intelligence Subdivision and was responsible for developing policy level documents on the use of satellite imagery and emerging Earth observation technology for NATO.

Brigadier General Górka then served at the General Staff of the PAF where he over the period of 2010-2012 led the process of developing a long term program for application of satellite Earth observation technologies in the Polish Armed Forces. Following that he was directed to implement the program and appointed as the Imagery Intelligence Centre Commander. Over the years 2013-2018 he was responsible for the overall implementation of satellite imagery intelligence capability of the Polish Armed Forces including: provision of access to the satellite systems, development of national satellite assets, gaining operational readiness by the Imagery Intelligence Centre in the full spectrum of line of developments.

He was also responsible for international co-operation in the area of imagery intelligence including Polish participation in the EDA Multinational Space-Based Imaging System, Allied Ground Surveillance Program, negotiation and implementation of the Polish access to the Italian COSMO SkyMed System and OPTSAT3000.

During his service, he repeatedly represented the Polish Armed Forces in international projects and ventures, including NATO Standardization Groups, cooperation with the European Union Satellite Center, cooperation in satellite Earth observation with the Republic of Italy, France, Israel and the USA.

In 2018 Brigadier General Marcin Górka was competitively selected and appointed by the Prime Minister as the Vice-President of the Polish Space Agency where he was responsible for defence and security related matters leading and directing programme of work of two substantive departments of the agency: the Defence Projects Department and the Military Satellite Technologies Department.


lukasiewicz.jpg [312.71 KB]
Dr inż. Paweł STĘŻYCKI, Director of Łukasiewicz – Institute of Aviation, Poland

For over 20 years, Paweł Stężycki is associated with his passion – the development of technology and working with people.

During his engineering career, he worked in managing positions in General Electric where he developed large teams and projects.

In 2018 he was appointed director of the Institute of Aviation and since 2019 he continues his mission as director of the Łukasiewicz Research Network – Institute of Aviation.

Paweł manages a group of 1500 engineers and scientists working on various technologies in aviation and space. He combines his knowledge on the operation of large industrial companies with enthusiasm and substantive knowledge in order to develop solutions that have a chance for practical application with the participation of domestic and foreign industry.

Outside of his everyday duties, he is a member of international aviation organizations: the International Council of the Aeronautical Sciences, the European Aeronautics Science Network or the European Research Establishments in Aeronautics (as a chairman). He is also a chairman of the Association of the Polish Aviation Industry and the Polish Association of Aeronautics and Astronautics.


wiercinski.jpg [177.41 KB]
Dr Michał WIERCIŃSKI, Vice-President of the Polish Space Agency

Michal has joined the Polish Space Agency since February 2022 as Vice President for Industry Cooperation.

Michal is experienced project manager, he led complex projects on missile control technologies, development of national capabilities regarding satellite imaging and suborbital rockets.

Before joining the Agency, Michał spent 17 years in various roles in defense and space sector, including participation in the process of Polish involvement in the formation of EU Battlegroups. In 2015 Michal joined the Polish Armament Group (PGZ S.A.) and was appointed Head of Space and Satellite Technologies Office. Moreover, he is an expert of the European Commission at the European Defence Fund for space projects.

Michal graduated from the University of Warsaw University. He also studied at the National Defence University of Warsaw.


wojtkiewicz.png [80.81 KB]
Paweł WOJTKIEWICZ – Chairman of the Board at Polish Space Industry Association

M.A. in Political Science from Warsaw University and graduate of post graduate studies of marketing in Warsaw School of Economics. From many years involved in development of Polish space sector, he is cooperating with administration, government representatives and government agencies as an expert on space policy and space industry. Director of Space in Polish branch of GMV group, a global supplier and integrator of IT solutions for space sector.  Co-founder and president of Polish Space Industry Association, he was a member of the Scientific Council of Industrial Research Institute for Automation and Measurements PIAP, and in 2009-2013 he was the Head of Key Projects Office at the Industrial Research Institute for Automation and Measurements PIAP.