Wojskowy Instytut Wydawniczy (Military Publishing Institute) is a cultural institution within Polish Ministry of National Defense. WIW publications cover issues on state security and defense. They are: Polska Zbrojna (The Armed Poland) monthly – a military opinion magazine; Przegląd Sił Zbrojnych (The Armed Forces Review) – a bimonthly combined of former quarterlies on individual branches of the armed forces, i.e.: Przegląd Wojsk Lądowych (The Land Forces Review), Przegląd Sił Powietrznych (The Air Force Review) Przegląd Morski (The Navy Review); and Kwartalnik Bellona (The Bellona Quarterly) – an academic magazine; and Polska Zbrojna. Historia is quarterly magazine. Solders and civilians interested in history, international politics, armament or reconstruction can find in Polska Zbrojna. History something to satisfy their readership needs. Wojskowy Instytut Wydawniczy also runs its own military news website updated daily: www.polska-zbrojna.pl.
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