UNIFORCE is a specialist electronic, electro-optical and drone security company dedicated to the supply of hardware and software to support the work of law enforcement services.
UNIFORCE can offer:

- Mobile detection and image recording systems, operating on the principle of PiR motion sensors or radar, equipped with their own power supply and image transmission systems. Detection systems come in camouflaged form, easy to hide in operational areas

- Modular suitcase systems, with all the electronics (power supply, GSM module, WIFI, DVR) hidden in a waterproof suitcase that can handle many different models of standard and thermal IP cameras

- Fixed long-range cameras equipped with daylight sensors with multiple optical zoom, thermal sensors, or in a dual vision version. Included with PTZ functionality, they allow observation of large areas of land both during the day and at night

- Portable long-range cameras, with focal lengths of 800, 1000 or even 2000 mm, reduction of fog and heat blur, advanced autofocus and image stabilization, light weight, allowing to read license plates from a distance of over 1000 meters

- Mobile cameras, in simple configurations of a single device, as well as a complete system for hundreds and thousands of devices with a recorder, docking station and software with a high complexity of possible configurations

- Night vision and thermal imaging handheld cameras (uncooled monoculars and binoculars), targeting caps and sights with high resolution and 50 / 60 Hz refresh rate. The company also offers digital night vision cameras that allow for color vision after dark

- Perimeter systems, which can consist of an extensive network of radar, optical and seismic sensors, with built-in image analytics that can distinguish between vehicles and people and other objects

- Drones, both multi-rotor and aircraft, with a wide selection of payloads (daylight and thermal cameras, lidars, measurement stations) and drone image analysis software

- Image analytics software, ranging from smart city solutions (crowd counting, dangerous behavior detection or object detection analytics) to analytics designed for security services (LPR/ANPR, weapons detection, face detection and recognition, and perimeter analytics)
UNIFORCE continues to expand its portfolio with professional products and systems. Please feel free to contact us
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