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We are a distributor of CCTV systems and other electronic security solutions. Since 2007 we have gained the trust of many customers - law enforcement , state-owned and private enterprises. We also distribute products through our partners, providing them with the best service, logistics and training support. As an experienced and creative team we know the needs of our customers very well, which allows us to efficiently select an assortment that meets their expectations. Our employees share their knowledge by providing training and lectures for government facilities.

We do not have "corporate" limitations, and we are able to adapt our products to the needs of our customers. We provide specialized solutions tailored to our customers' needs. As an experienced partner, we also participate in many procurement projects, presentations and consultations.

We participate in shows for the uniformed services, where we present the practical application of the specialized equipment we offer. In addition to closed meetings, we also make presentations in the field, looking for the best solutions and better understanding the needs of customers. We have participated in many industry events: Securex, Europoltech, Borders (Eastern Conference and border protection fair), Euro Target Show and Warsaw Security Summit.

We specialize in battery powered mobile systems: mobile cameras with GSM transmission, PTZ cameras with magnetic mounting, Reconeyez system - mobile monitoring with artificial intelligence and trail cameras. Many years of experience in working with the services has allowed us to gather knowledge of thermal and night vision optic, as well as body worn cameras.

In addition, our offer includes a wide range of other solutions: drones (both multirotor, horizontal and vertical take-off airplanes), image analysis software, perimetric systems, thermal cameras, monitoring towers, specialized systems for long-range covert observation and mobile power systems.
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Subassemblies, equipment and systems of people and property protection
Border Guards special equipment
Radio- and opto-electronical equipment
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