Sygnis SA is a Polish deeptech company specializing in hardware R&D projects in four main business segments: new additive technologies, power engineering, biotechnology and nanotechnology. The company supplies and implements high-tech systems at universities, research institutes, companies and production lines in Poland and Europe.

In March 2022, the company developed a proprietary design of a 3D printed tourniquet in record time, which passed demanding aging, material and stress tests. It has also been tested by field doctors, medics and military personnel from several different public institutions in Poland and Ukraine. The design was submitted as a medical device and to date is the only design of a functional, tested 3D printed stasis. Hundreds of 3D printed tourniquets have made their way to the front lines in Ukraine, where they are saving the lives of Ukrainian army soldiers fighting for freedom. The tourniquets have gone to battalions in Kharkov, Kherson region, the "Kraken" unit, paramedics in Kiev, and troops in the Donetsk, Volyn, Bakhmut, Zhytomyr and Rovno directions, among others. We also donated several hundred staz to a Belarusian battalion fighting on the Ukrainian side.

The company has carried out projects for the Polish Army, for GROM troops, and cooperates with the Military University of Technology. At MSPO, the company will show live demonstrations of its designed stasis, low-temperature glass 3D printing technology, as well as additive solutions to support combat troops and war logistics in times of broken supply chains.
Business sector
Defence infrastructure equipment
Engineering equipment
Medical equipment and materials, individual first aid kits
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