Supashock is a world-class producer of advanced mobility, logistics handling, and autonomous systems that control, monitor, and improve mobility of defence, autonomous, commercial, automotive, and other transport applications.

All our products share several things in common:
- Exceptional performance providing the customer a unique solution utilising our advanced simulation, design, analysis & product validation techniques. Supashock will tailor design systems, specifically for your application.
- Our quality assurance system ensures we maintain the highest design and manufacturing standards coupled with our in-house testing centre, validating the lifecycle of each product and system.
- Supashock’s products have expanded into a global comprehensive line that ranges widely throughout motorsport, transport, and defence industries.
Business sector
Subassemblies, equipment and systems of people and property protection
Armoured equipment
Classical armament, missiles and explosives
Transport equipment (wheeled, tracked and amphibian), also for special use
Defence infrastructure equipment
Engineering equipment
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