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SIM Ltd is a Polish ICT company that offers comprehensive solutions in the field of IT and telecommunications. We have been designing and producing ICT devices since 1992.
Our portfolio includes:
• Remote management of radio communication - STC system
• R&D services
• Outsourcing in the field of electronics and software design
Based on our own laboratory and design facilities, we guarantee the provision of professional technical services, the possibility of implementing individual orders in the field of electronics design and production and in the field of dedicated IT projects.
We are the first Polish manufacturer of professional digital call recorders archiving the content of correspondence carried out in PSTN, IP, GSM networks and by radio communication. The scalability of the software also allows for the recording and archiving of video and conference meetings, as well as the use of speech analytics and voice biometrics mechanisms.
The high reliability of our solutions, the guarantee of the integrity of the recordings and the quality of the recordings tested by independent phonoscopy experts make the use of our systems meet the stringent requirements in terms of security, data recording and storage as well as their evidence. The offered modularity of the application and functionality allow the use of solutions in many institutions with a different profile of operation, security policies and work standards in the organization.
Along with the development of digital radio technologies, we have introduced proprietary solutions to our offer that remove the limitations resulting from the location of the radio stations. The STC system is a simple solution enabling remote monitoring and control of radiotelephones. Depending on the infrastructure of the communication system, technical conditions and user expectations, the system can be scaled and configured in various ways. Thanks to the use of the LAN system for communication with the radio base, it is not important in what location and distance from the user the radio station is - communication becomes available in a much wider range. Data transmission is encrypted and all settings and data are saved in a format supported by the STC Console. The possibility of using remote control for selected radio stations (eg Hytera, Motorola), cooperation directly with the repeater and mapping the functionality available for analog radio or DMR radio in a remote location allows to extend the functionality of the communication network.
The devices proposed by SIM Ltd are approved for marketing and use in accordance with the applicable legal requirements and the adopted European harmonized standards in the field of EMC and R&TTE directives.
We also have the NCAGE -NCS code (NATO Code of the National Economy Entity).
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