Sieć Badawcza Łukasiewicz - Instytut Mikroelektroniki i Fotoniki

Microelectronics and photonics are two key technologies enabling the delivery of innovative solutions to society. Łukasiewicz – Institute of Microelectronics and Photonics with over 50 years of history is experienced enough to conduct highly advanced research in the field of photonics, considered to be the technology of the 21st century. Its scientists are working intensively on the development of optical miniature integrated circuits in the infrared range, the so-called Photonic Integrated Circuits (PICs), which are the photonic equivalent of microprocessors and open up completely new possibilities for many industries and everyday life.
The portfolio of key photonic technologies with enormous application potential also includes fiber optic and micro-optical technologies, as well as lasers and radiation detectors. The offer of Łukasiewicz – IMiF consists of technologies for the production of new materials, such as: silicon carbide, epitaxial and flake graphene, advanced ceramics, and tests of their properties for industrial use.
Some of these inventions have to wait for their moment in history, but the Institute creates this history and plays an important role in their implementation. Thanks to the competence of scientists and a unique research infrastructure, projects that are realized in the Institute can be used in the defense industry and to ensure state security, including:
• quantum cascade lasers (QCL) emitting in the bands: 4.5-5.5 μm and 8-10 + μm, compact and easily controllable. Perfect light sources for mid and far infrared applications,
• microelectronic and photonic systems for applications in targeting systems,
• photodiodes for missile and missile guidance systems,
• AlGaN / GaN microwave transistor for S-band radiolocation in GaN-HEMT technology,
• specialized integrated circuits for optoelectronic heads,
• cold plasma generator for protection against biological hazards.
Business sector
Classical armament, missiles and explosives
Radio- and opto-electronical equipment
Fuels, exploitation liquids and equipment for their distribution and storage
Medical equipment and materials, individual first aid kits
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