Semicon Sp. z o.o.

Innovative products and technologies
Semicon sp. z o.o. is a family-owned, innovative company operating in electronics, photonics, aerospace, military and other high-tech industries.
We are an importer and authorized distributor of electronic components, materials, tools for electronics, measuring apparatus and measuring accessories of renowned brands. We are a supplier of materials for aerospace industry and service.
We offer SMT and through-hole assembly of electronic boards. Modern equipment from JUKI, ERSA, EKRA, GE, ASYS, LPKF allow us to assemble components from 01005.
We carry out quality control on AOI optical inspection equipment, in accordance with IPC standards, and BGAs are checked using an X-Ray device.
We have equipment for nitrogen shielded wave soldering, as well as for selective PCB varnishing and for automatic PCB washing with ionic purity control. We also have equipment for selective soldering, laser depaneling (green laser).
We carry out complex PCB assembly projects for nuclear experiments and space applications.
We carry out full component completion - PCBs, as well as electronics assembly for medical devices (ISO 13485) and Class 3 assembly for critical applications. We specialize in PCB flex assembly technology .
Our Research and Development Department provides electronics design services for industry, medical, military applications and the consumer market - including pre-market conformity assessment (CE) services.
We design and manufacture SMT laser-cut steel stencils on LPKF equipment also equipped with a micro-welding module to produce stepped stencils. We are a licensee of ASM-DEK - stencils in the VectorGuard™ standard.
Converting industrial single- and double-sided adhesive tapes. We make cut-to-size tapes and die-cut and kiss-cut blanks. We have a laser plotter, an oscillating knife and offer a lamination option. We are a licensed converter of companies: 3M, Saint Gobain, IPG, Tesa.
We produce laser modules for industrial applications: point, line, cross - different wavelengths and output power.
Business sector
Radio- and opto-electronical equipment
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