RHEINMETALL Waffe Munition GmbH

Survivability and Force Protection
As a leading systems house for active, passive and soft-kill protection solutions, Rheinmetall has a broad spectrum of technologies at hand to taylor protection systems to customer needs. Rheinmetall provides solutions for almost all Land, Naval and Air platforms, offering development, integration, production and after-sales services as a one-stop shop.
Rheinmetall's comprehensive protection concept is based on a multi-layer approach. Effectively constituting the outermost layer of defence, the Active Protection System ADS is an extremely innovative, highly effective solution based on the hard-kill principle that neutralizes shaped charge threats before they reach their target.
Passive solutions such as add-on armour made of composite or ceramic materials form an indispensable second line of defence. Rheinmetall is continuously working on the development of a broad range of new technologies. This allows offering military customers comprehensive protection solutions from a single source. The passive protection comprises ballistic protection, mine protection, IED protection, covering the range of all relevant KE threats from small to large calibers as well as shaped charge threats.
The latest step was the inauguration of Rheinmetall’s StrikeShield. It is the integration of the active system ADS into the passive protection, forming a hybrid protection concept which can be taylored to almost all kinds of land platforms.
Rheinmetall's protection concept also comprises high-performance soft-kill solutions for ground vehicles, aircrafts and vessels. The smoke and decoy technologies used by Rheinmetall cover the visible, infrared (IR) and radar range. For example, Rheinmetall's Rapid Obscuring System ROSY renders ground vehicles or assault boats invisible in the event of an attack. MASS is an internationally well renowned protection system for vessels which launches decoy countermeasures for the defeat of anti-ship missiles. The system is in service in more than 14 nations and has set a worldwide standard. Similarly Rheinmetall BIRDIE flares are qualified and used by many nations to protect aircrafts against anti-aircraft missiles.
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