RAIDER TARGETRY specialises in robotic targetry which create a highly realistic training
scenario for operators in the field. Led by PhD level engineers, RAIDER Targetry’s products and services enable manouvre unit commanders and range staff infinite scenario development optionality for highly realistic live fire training. Designed for small and large calibre scenarios, RAIDER’s targets have been successfully used for infantry, cavalry, tank and aviation units. Since 2018 our products have been relied upon by government and miltech OEMs for live fire training, trials, testing and simulation, using a wide range ammunition natures.

RAIDER Targetry’s sophisticated and adaptable live fire training solutions redefine targetry for international and domestic use, on green field and established sites. Their products are cost effective, rapidly redeployable and highly customisable.
Business sector
Subassemblies, equipment and systems of people and property protection
Armoured equipment
Transport equipment (wheeled, tracked and amphibian), also for special use
Defence infrastructure equipment
Engineering equipment
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