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PREXER company is a manufacturer of products for the national defense and security.

We offer:
- elements of reconnaissance and observation system,
- target sights for anti-aircraft artillery (CP1-SP, CKE-2I, CKE-4MR, CKE-1, CKE-2), target sights with night vision imaging system (CP-1, CKE-1N, CKE-2N) and the CKE-1T, CKE-1LT - thermal imaging target sights,
- observation devices – periscopes (glass and acrylic) equipped with a heating system and anti-laser filters, installed in armored vehicles,
- 9 mm military pistols: the WIST 94 and the WIST 94L with a laser indicator,
- electronic and optoelectronic units such as: laser rangefinders components, night vision units and thermal imagers.

In recent years, a prototype of the day-night periscope with the OPO-170N night vision channel and the OPO-170T with a thermal imaging module has been developed, which in a simple way, without interfering with the electronics of the vehicles, allow to add night possibilities to the crew's work.

PREXER company specializes in the production of reliable, tailored to the customer's requirements, devices and systems used in all types of armed forces, at home and abroad.
Our offer is very flexible. Offered solutions could be easily adapted to the individual requirements of the customers.
We are open to cooperation and ready to support the client in solving any tasks on the battlefield.
Business sector
Armoured equipment
Classical armament, missiles and explosives
Aviation, air defence armament and equipment
Naval armament and equipment
Radio- and opto-electronical equipment
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