Polska Izba Producentów na Rzecz Obronności Kraju

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The Chamber was established in September 1995 (court registration date: 18th April 1996) as the result of the efforts of the defence industry companies and support of a number of personalities of the defence establishment and government.
The Chamber is nation-wide and self-governing organisation of the Polish enterprises conducting activities in the field of the national defence and security, currently gathering over 200 companies of various size. The Chamber is one of the biggest Polish organisations of economic self-government.
The Chamber operates on the base of the Law on Economic Chambers of 30th May 1989 and the Statute registered by court. Its main goal is to represent economic interests of its members in front of the national and regional governments of all levels.
The authorities of the Polish Chamber of National Defence Manufacturers include:
- General Assembly of the Chamber Members,
- The Board (11 members)
- Supervisory Committee.
The executive body of the Chamber is the Secretariat employing two senior executive officers:
- the Managing Director;
- Director for NIAG and International Co-operation.
The Chamber operates in:
- 10 key Branch Groups (each of members is represented in one of them);
- 6 Task Committees (lobbying, offset, restructurisation, domestic market, international co-operation and promotion).

Since 1998 the Chamber has been representing Polish defence industry within the NATO Industrial Advisory Group (NIAG).
We obtain certificates WSK, ISO-9001, NCAGE 1082H and concessions MSWiA nr B-06/2005.
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