Politechnika Warszawska

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We are one of the largest and best universities in Poland. For years, we have been educating successive generations of engineers and not only engineers, and we conduct important research, mainly in the field of technical sciences.

Our greatest pride are people - students, PhD students, employees, and graduates - creative, committed, passionate, implementing unique projects, successful, open to the needs of society and ready to face the challenges of today. That is why we are constantly developing our competencies and infrastructure. We want the University of Technology to be known not only as a university, but also as a centre of innovation and entrepreneurship, and a valued partner for research and business cooperation.

The Warsaw University of Technology is based on two pillars: teaching and research.

We can confidently say that we educate throughout our lives. We have our own kindergarten and we cooperate with many schools. We offer dozens of first-cycle, uniform and second-cycle studies (also in English) and the development of a scientific career in doctoral schools. A rich offer of postgraduate studies awaits those who are thirsty for knowledge. After a period of intense professional activity, we invite you to our University of the Third Age.

Research processes take place mainly in laboratories, workshops and studios. Scientists also have at their disposal the CEZAMAT Center for Advanced Materials and Technologies. Science often likes peace and quiet, but even more, likes it when the solutions created serve people. The Innovation and Technology Transfer Management Center and the Institute of Applied Research are responsible for making this happen, i.e. for the implementation of projects and contact with the business world.

The Warsaw University of Technology is a real mosaic of topics, ideas and cases. Almost 25,000 students and over 5,000 employees work every day to ensure that this one university body works at its highest speed, without getting out of breath.
Business sector
Subassemblies, equipment and systems of people and property protection
Police special equipment
Radio- and opto-electronical equipment
Communication and IT
Metrology equipment
Defence infrastructure equipment
Fuels, exploitation liquids and equipment for their distribution and storage
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