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WZŁ-1 (Wojskowe Zakłady Łączności Nr. 1 S.A.) produce and maintain communication equipment for the Armed Forces of the Republic of Poland and for other uniformed agencies. The company produces also other military equipment for command & control modules to be deployed at various command levels of the Armed Forces. Moreover, as a satellite operator, WZŁ-1 provides satellite telecommunication services to both military & private sector customers.
WZŁ-1 is currently offering:

 Mobile shelters (population/integration of bare shelters/cabins by WZŁ-1 as the final integrator), including:
• Mobile digital communication centers, e.g. RWŁC-10/T;
• Mobile command modules (20ft and 15ft);
• Mobile radio receiving shelters;
• Mobile shelters for ICT system management (AZSŁ);
• Mobile cryptographic shelters;
• Mobile registries (shelters for the handling of classified information/documentation in the field);
 Mobile antenna masts;
 Directional antennas;
 Mobile satellite terminals, including their revamping/up-grade;
 Maintenance of / training on communication equipment made by WZŁ-1;
 Delivery of a satellite band and satellite telecommunication services to the Armed Forces of the Republic of Poland;
 Supervision of satellite systems by our own Satellite Center;
 Testing by our internal accredited lab, including:
• Attenuation of shields;
• Mechanical & environmental resilience of equipment
• Resilience (of equipment and systems) to NEMP;
• Determination of the class of commercial equipment (as laid out in ZOBT-500A).
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Communication and IT
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