MESKO S.A. is the largest producer of ammunition and anti-armor and anti-aircraft missiles in Poland. The company manufactures small caliber ammunition from 5,56 mm up to 9 mm, both NATO and Russian standard, medium caliber ammunition from 12,7 mm up to 35 mm, tank ammunition: 120 mm and 125 mm, artillery ammunition, rocket systems: PIORUN, GROM, SPIKE, and rockets FENIKS and NLPR 70mm (2,75”). MESKO S.A. provides tooling services, plastic working, chemical treatment, heat treatment services, demilitarization services of outdated combat warfare and has a capability of heavy alloys production. Company cooperates with many institutes that are combined in Łukasiewicz scientific and research network and technical universities.
Business sector
Classical armament, missiles and explosives
Aviation, air defence armament and equipment
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