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Parasnake has been present on the Polish market since 2000. We run commercial activities covering the distribution of airborne, life-support, parachute, aviation and military equipment. The range of the offered assortment includes: parachute equipment, life - support and rescue equipment, spare parts for aircraft, aviation accessories and equipment (aviation helmets, oxygen masks, suits), simulators and training ballistic protection. In cooperation with renowned training centers, we also provide specialized training services for pilots, aircraft crews and aircraft maintenance technicians. Parasnake is a company associated with the aviation and parachute sector for many years. As the first on the Polish market, we offered professional equipment for parachute jumpers, introducing many valued and popular brands to the domestic market. In response to the dynamics of the defense sector's needs, we started selling parts for military planes and accessories for aviation schools and flying clubs. The further development of the Parasnake company is associated with the expansion of the range of tactical equipment and its distribution for the needs of the Polish Army and the Polish Air Force. We have a license from the Ministry of the Interior to trade in products for military or police purposes, as well as ISO 9001, AQAP 2110 and WSK certificates. From the beginning of our activity, we have focused on providing a high standard of service. Thanks to many years of cooperation with leading manufacturers, we meet the requirements of our customers. We offer products of the highest quality, always striving to provide the highest standard of service.
Business sector
Subassemblies, equipment and systems of people and property protection
Aviation, air defence armament and equipment
Police special equipment
Border Guards special equipment
Firefighting and rescue equipment
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