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NERO Industry which operates in USA, Bulgaria and Turkey headquarters, is one of the largest subsystem manufacturers in Defence Industry. Our company which is located on a plot of 12.000 m2 in Ankara, Turkey; has been performing design, manufacture and provide system solutions with its team of experts in their field and strong infrastructure since its foundation in 2009. More than 100 engineers are assigned within its staff of 210 people. Besides, it imports to 29 different countries in the world.
The most dangerous threats during land operations are ATGM and RPG attacks. Ares could suppress the explosion caused by unguided antitank attacks, mine explosions, inflammable and caustic hazardous materials, liquid fuel fires, RPGs (RPG 6, RPG 7, vb.), antitank missiles (ATM) or any other heavy armour piercing ammunition. Ares fire suppression systems, fire is suppressed in less than 250 milliseconds. This system comprises all the conditions described in NATO’s Stanag 4317 standard and all qualification tests is made at NATO Level 4 standard together with customer.
ARES body and tire fire extinguishing systems, the fires caused by molotov cocktails could easily be extinguished even while the vehicle is under threat. The system in general protects human life and precious properties against destructions which could be caused by armour piercing ammunition or hydrocarbon fuel in the vehicle.
CBRN Detection and Filtration Systems has the function of filtrating war and toxic gas agents so as to ensure healthy respiration of the crew against Chemical, Biological, Nuclear and Radioactive threats which are today’s war methods in compliance with NATO AEP 54 standards.
Arma Power Systems provides Military Generator, APU, PTO Alternator, Power Distribution Units and AC/DC Converter (rectifier) systems for military vehicles and military platforms to provide the power needed by the platform and the capability systems on the vehicle. These systems provide the military vehicle with extra power as AC - DC in the required feature and volume and fully qualified systems that have passed the MIL-STD-810G, MIL-STD-461E tests and can operate in all harsh environmental conditions.
Laser warning systems are the systems used for detecting laser guided threats, classifying these threats and taking precautions against these threats on military vehicles or sea platforms. The systems consist of laser warning sensors, control units and smoke grenade launcher systems.
On these systems, when laser threats at NATO Stanag 3733 standard, mark the platform used with a laser or target it with laser, the systems analyse incidence angle, incidence direction of laser and the class laser belongs to within maximum 500 milliseconds, and after this analysis the system launches smoke grenade by smoke grenade launchers and creating a smoke fog gets away from the laser threat.
Business sector
Equipment and materials for chemical weapons
Firefighting and rescue equipment
Radio- and opto-electronical equipment
Defence infrastructure equipment
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