MÖNCH is one of the world’s largest publishers of professional defence journals which are available in print and in digital form – and reinforced my MON (Mönch Online News ….www.monch.com) together with an e mail based bi-weekly newsletter – the MÖNCH DEFENCE EXECUTIVE RESOURCE.
MÖNCH journals are in English (MILITARY TECHNOLOGY, NAVAL FORCES), in German, Arabic, Spanish and Italian. MILITARY TECHNOLOGY and NAVAL FORCES are edited for a global readership.
AL DEFAIYA in Arabic is directed specifically at a readership in the Middle East and in North Africa, as is TECNOLOGIA MILITAR in Spanish edited for readers in Latin America and Spain. RIVISTA ITALIANA DIFESA in Italian is the leading defence monthly of Italy. WEHRTECHNIK in German is directed at readers in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.
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Classical armament, missiles and explosives
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