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TELECARD-PRILAD, LLC is a national manufacturer of modern digital communications. The main areas of activity are the production of products for law enforcement agencies and the production of energy sector products, LLC «TELECARD-PRILAD» a national manufacturer of modern digital media communication.
The company consists of: • Instrument-Making Plant (25 000 м2); • The second stage of the instrument making plant; • Special Design Bureau; • Testing center; • Service center; • Support units; The company was founded in Odessa, Ukraine June 26, 1995. • Branch in Kiev.

Special Design Bureau
Bureau consists of highly qualified engineering and technical personnel (more than 100 specialists with higher education) with experience in developing products that meet international standards. The average age of specialists is 36 years. Specialists of SDB have a wealth of experience in the implementation of complex projects on the profile of the enterprise.
The structure of the SDB includes the main structural units: • project department, programming department; • department of information management systems; • Information Networks Department; • department of communication complexes; • Design Bureau "RADIO“; • system engineering department; • design department.
Test Center
A priority of Telecard-Prilad, LLC is to provide a high level of quality and reliability. In order to continuously improving product quality, in 2004 was established the Test Center, which has been accredited by the National Accreditation Agency of Ukraine.
Test Center has the necessary regulatory documentation, test equipment, standard measuring instruments for standardized and proprietary test the whole range of products, manufactured by Telecard-Prilad, LLC.
Certification of the company's products
At the annual international training exercise «Combined Endeavor», held in Germany, the equipment produced by Telecard-Prilad, LLC has successfully passed interoperability tests with the information and telecommunication systems of NATO countries and has received the appropriate certificates.
Telekart-Prilad, LLC has all the licenses required to carry out the relevant business activities.
Main areas of activity
Development & producing Starting Command Post for Air Force;
Mobile command post of State Emergency Service;
Command post Intended for automated management of a coastal missile systems...
Mobile communication complex Customers: Ministry of Defense of Ukraine;
Field command post of senior state officials is intended for the organization of interaction, reception and processing of the information, coordination of activity of subordinated forces and means by the highest officials of the state in field condition;
Mobile surgical complex is designed to provide primary medical care, secondary care with elements of tertiary, medical (surgical) care for servicemen of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.
Business sector
Firefighting and rescue equipment
Transport equipment (wheeled, tracked and amphibian), also for special use
Communication and IT
Medical equipment and materials, individual first aid kits
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