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KRYPTON Polska is a leader of the Polish hardware based cryptographic solutions market. Over the past decade, Krypton has developed over a dozen types of cryptographic devices that are key to Polish cybersecurity. Krypton devices are certified by the Internal Security Agency (ABW) or the Military Counterintelligence Service (SKW) to secure classified information, from Restricted to Top Secret level. The company is based solely on Polish capital.
As part of scientific research for the Polish Ministry of National Defence in 2018 Krypton developed a prototype of the first hardware based NINE standard (STANAG 4787) encryptor. Within the next two years Krypton prepared an IP encryptor platform with 10 Gigabyte Ethernet interface and 20 Gb/s throughput to be used up to Top Secret level. Since 2020 Krypton is working on SCIP standard (STANAG 5068) cryptographic modules and management systems. Devices made by Krypton form confidential information systems in Polish special forces and public administration, including two largest ones: Polish Border Guard’s network and Polish Police's network.
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Police special equipment
Border Guards special equipment
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Defence infrastructure equipment
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